News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

Annual Report 2022: Celebrating 10 Years as our Nation's Political Action Committee for Libraries

EveryLibrary has worked to amplify the agendas of local library stakeholders for 10 years. Whether it is on the ballot, at the statehouse, or fighting for the First Amendment, our aim is to create a future where Americans can access a library in every community and school.

Big crowd, bestselling authors turn out for Read-In at Utah State Capitol

Librarians, educators, authors, students, and community leaders came together for a Read-In at the Utah State Capitol on Wednesday, January 25th to demonstrate Utahns support of the freedom to read, and opposition to censorship.  The event was organized by Let Utah Read, a new coalition of pro-library, pro first amendment groups including EveryLibrary, PEN America - Utah Chapter, Utah Library Association, and the ACLU of Utah. The event was managed through EveryLibrary's new Fight for the First platform, which allowed the coalition to integrate a successful petition, a discussion group, shared resources, into the event promotion, adding many new members to the Let Utah Read group who will be available to take action as needed in the future.

Legislation of Concern in 2023

EveryLibrary is monitoring state legislation during the 2023-2024 session that would limit Americans' freedom to read and think for themselves. Of most concern are proposed laws that would allow for civil and criminal prosecution of librarians, educators, higher ed. faculty, and museum professionals.

Monitoring State Legislation That Criminalizes Libraries, Schools, and Museums 2023

EveryLibrary is monitoring legislation during the 2023-2024 session that aims to change state obscenity and harmful to minors laws to allow for the prosecution of librarians, educators, college and university faculty, and museum professionals. 

A Big Win Against Misinformation in New Jersey!

Students across New Jersey are struggling to navigate "information overload" and they face an excessive quantity of daily information which can cause difficulty with finding and critically evaluating information effectively. Information literacy skills are vital to help students achieve academic success and make informed decisions.

EveryLibrary in the News 2022 - July to December

EveryLibrary is proud to have been featured frequently in the news during the second half of 2022 for our work supporting libraries and librarians as they face some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

EveryLibrary at 10 Years

EveryLibrary, the national political action committee dedicated to building voter support for libraries, is celebrating our 10th anniversary supporting libraries and librarians across the country.

2022 Election Night Results for Libraries

We tracked over 55 library elections last night where Voters in sixteen states were asked to decide on the future of their libraries. 

Library Election Watch Party 2022!

Join EveryLibrary across social media for our annual Election Night Library Watch Party on Tuesday, November 8th from 'polls-close' (7:30pm et) until the early hours of the morning as we report on dozens of library elections up and down the ballot from around the country (Including a few that were supported through your donations).

The passing of EveryLibrary Board member Roberto C. Delgadillo

We are saddened to learn about the passing of EveryLibrary Board member Roberto C. Delgadillo.