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New School Year: Support Your School Librarians

Whether your 2019-2020 school year started in August or it's just getting underway now that Labor Day is behind us, we need your help to focus on the future of school library funding.

A Win For Twin Lakes Libraries!

Throughout the last month your donations have helped us provide pro-bono support to the Friends of the Mary Vinson Memorial Library in their efforts to advocate for continued funding for their library.

Wins for Libraries in Spokane County and Pend Oreille County

Being active nationally and engaged locally for libraries is the core of our work.  If you believe like we do that any library ballot measure anywhere matters, please take the next step and donate to support our work today. Spokane County and Pend Oreille County are our 103rd and 104th campaigns. Since 2012 we have helped libraries secure over $1.8 billion in stable tax funding for their operations, collections, programs, services, and buildings.  Can you help us help the next few libraries on the ballot by donating today

Nancy Pearl Interview with the Kitchen Sisters

She’s been called “one of the 10 coolest librarians alive.” She’s the best selling author of Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment and Reason, and a regular commentator about books on NPR’s Morning Edition. She’s the creator of the much loved and imitated If All Seattle Read the Same Book project, encouraging everyone in the city to read the same book at the same time. And then, of course, there’s the Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure with amazing push-button shushing action.

Crowdfunding Campaigns for Libraries – FundLibraries Launches

Our companion organization the EveryLibrary Institute has launched an incredible new crowdfunding platform at to help library and literacy projects connect to a big crowd of potential funders.

Three Exciting Artists in Residence Bring their Vision to EveryLibrary in 2019

Three Exciting Artists in Residence Bring their Vision to EveryLibrary in 2019 VersAnnette Blackman-Bosia, Brandon Monokian, and Rachal Duggan will create original art and performance reflecting on libraries, politics, and community life for this unique Artist in Residence program.

We made it easier to launch a petition on our action sites!

Is your school or public library being threatened with budget cuts? Is there a compelling piece of legislation in your state that would support or disrupt library services? Are there organizations or government agencies that are disrupting library services, programs, or events? If so, then let us help!

Three More Wins Last Night and Now 101 Library Campaigns

We are celebrating three Election Day wins for libraries last night and we have now helped over 100 libraries at the ballot box in the last six years!

EveryLibrary Political Director Wins “40 Under 40” Award

EveryLibrary is excited to announce that Patrick “PC” Sweeney has been honored as a “40 Under 40” award winner by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC).

School Library Focus at SXSWEDU 2019

The EveryLibrary leadership team presented two sessions at SXSWEDU 2019, a major national education policy conference in Austin this past week.