EveryLibrary Non-Partisan Statement

EveryLibrary is a staunchly non-partisan and fiercely pro-library organization. Our Statement of Non-Partisanship talks about our philosophy and operational framework.

Non-partisanship is at the core of EveryLibrary’s mission and actions. It governs our collaborations with libraries, library stakeholders, and the communities and campuses they serve. Our commitment to non-partisanship allows us to cultivate meaningful relationships with libraries, library organizations, and a wide array of institutions and organizations that view direct democracy, voter access, and participation in the democratic process as vital to the American way of life.

EveryLibrary’s involvement and support for libraries on the ballot is principled and consistent. As a non-partisan, pro-library organization, we support the stability and growth of public libraries and school libraries across the United States. We maintain a strict separation between our work with library boards and staff on non-partisan informational communications and our direct support for local ballot committees. Libraries are engines of economic, social, and educational opportunity, and we support their efforts to bring funding measures before voters at the ballot box - and we encourage all citizens to vote on those measures. In doing so, we never endorse nor oppose any political party, ideology, or candidate. When voters have the opportunity to vote on library funding or governance, we aim to facilitate an engaged local dialogue about these community anchor institutions.

As a registered 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, we advocate for public policy through political engagement. We do not align with or oppose any specific party, ideology, or candidate. Our initiatives like Libraries2024.org, SaveSchoolLibrarians.org, and Action.EveryLibrary.org allow us to invite library stakeholders to actively participate in the democratic process. As a pro-library organization, we value the principles of fair taxation, free expression, and access to libraries without fear or favor. We reject any characterization by political actors that these viewpoints are partisan. We will continue to steadfastly support America's Libraries and the principles of the common good, civil society, and individual liberty for which they stand.