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Free Language Learning for Everyone through Libraries

EveryLibrary is excited to partner with Mango Languages to help every person in the United States who wants to start learning a new language have free personal access to over 70+ languages through their public library through June 30th, 2020. 

The Coming Revenue Crisis for Public Libraries

Public libraries will be financially hurt by Coronavirus economic crisis even as they are called on to help more residents in their own personal crises and community-wide challenges. It is mission-critical for library leaders and library workers at all levels to understand the economic and tax policy issues that will affect library budgets, and quite possibly your own employment. This will not be a short-term problem for our sector and requires us to focus on stabilizing current-year revenues and expenses, diversifying revenue over the long term, and finding new revenue and service alignments across jurisdictions to ensure that libraries are viable. 

Purchasing Power of Libraries in the Economic Recovery

Public libraries buy a tremendous amount of office supplies, building supplies, cleaning supplies, food and beverages, arts and crafts supplies, and other materials. Your loading dock, backroom, or custodial closet is at the end of a very long global supply chain. Everything from copy paper, gardening equipment, coffee pods, art supplies, and HVAC filters are needed in order to run your library very day. In the current Coronavirus economic crisis, it is critically important for library leaders to reconsider their normal approach to purchasing these everyday products to ensure that it benefits the local economy. We are calling on library leaders to shift your purchasing and sourcing away from chain stores and online mega-retail and relocalize it to independent retailers and suppliers.

Nonprofit Libraries and the CARES Act

The CARES Act contains several new financial supports that could be used by 501(c)3 nonprofit libraries in the face of the Coronavirus economic slowdown. These new provisions are administered by the SBA and are intended to help nonprofits (as corporations) make payroll, pay the rent or mortgage, and meet other obligations for 2.5 months and up to $10 million. Key programs are structured as "forgivable loans" which turn into grants if certain criteria are met. They focus on supporting the non-profit sector, so libraries with a nonprofit corporate structure would be wise to understand the programs and access this federal funding if needed. 

Help a Library Worker Out - Donate to the HALO Fund Now

Can you "Help a Library Worker Out"? The EveryLibrary Institute is fundraising to support library workers, librarians, and staff who are facing unexpected financial difficulties because of the Coronavirus economic slowdown. As a national library 501c3 non-profit organization, the EveryLibrary Institute is in a unique position to quickly bring together donors from across the country and make grants to library workers who are part of our library family. 

Reading Has Not Been Canceled but Libraries Should be Closed

Here at EveryLibrary, our mission is to ensure that libraries are open and well-funded, and that staff have the resources they need to serve their communities, schools, and campuses. This is why we are grieving alongside our colleagues as libraries are forced to close in the face of COVID-19. But the threats to our communities’ health are too significant not to close, and we do not want to see a single library worker fall ill because of their job. Therefore, we are encouraging libraries to close and to quickly transition to digital services while continuing to pay staff during this disruption. 

Three Wins for Illinois Libraries - March 2020

We are thrilled to share that all three libraries that EveryLibrary supported on the March 17th ballot in Illinois passed their referendum.

Helping Libraries on the Ballot - March 2020

It is Election Day in Illinois. EveryLibrary’s mission is to “build voter support for libraries”. We do that in different ways depending on the campaign. On Election Days, it’s with individual libraries on the ballot. It’s very local and it’s always in support of new or renewed funding for the library.

Resources for the Public About Libraries and COVID

Libraries are closing their physical spaces to the public in order to increase social distancing and we applaud those libraries that have closed. That doesn’t necessarily mean that libraries won’t continue to serve the public in some manner while their doors are closed. There are many digital and online library resources that are available to the public online and we created this content to help highlight how libraries can continue to serve the public even while closed.

Announcing Five New Board Members

EveryLibrary, the national political action committee for libraries, today announces the appointment of five new members of our Board of Directors to guide our organization in our mission to build voter support for libraries. We are thrilled to welcome Jeannie Allen, Director of Strategic Planning and Digital Strategy at Kitsap Regional Library, Lori Bowen Ayre, Founder and Principal Consultant of The Galecia Group, Roberto C. Delgadillo, Student Services Librarian at UC-Davis Shields Library, Gary Kirk, President of Tech Logic, and Kathleen McEvoy, Vice President of Communications at EBSCO Information Services, to the board.