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Take the Pledge Colorado to Vote Yes on Amendment 73 for School Libraries

Please join EveryLibrary, the Colorado Association of Libraries and the Colorado Association of School Librarians in taking the Pledge to Vote YES on Amendment 73 this November.

Macon-Bibb Libraries Saved!

We are excited to share that, thanks to your support, the Macon-Bibb Commission decided to fund the Middle Georgia Regional Library by amending last week’s interim budget. Over 800 people signed the petition and sent emails to the local commissioners asking them to restore the funding for the library.

What if Libraries Were Better Funded?

As the Nation's first and only Political Action Committee for libraries, we're committed to focusing on ensuring that libraries are well funded in the United States. We’re only halfway through the year, and we’re very excited about our successes in 2018.

Sign Your Library Up for National Voter Registration Day 2018

EveryLibrary is proud to continue our dedication to National Voter Registration Day in 2018. Every year since 2012, National Voter Registration Day has served as a critical tool in adding valuable voices to our political discourse through voter registration at libraries.

2017 Annual Report

EveryLibrary started with a hope that “any library funding measure anywhere should matter to every library everywhere.” The notion that we are all in this together–as a community of folks who believe in the power of libraries and who support the librarians who serve their communities–is at the core of our organizational values and work. In 2017, we were very effective in winning elections for libraries and helping school librarians whose jobs were threatened.

The Koch Brothers and Libraries

We are continuing to see the Koch Brothers Super PAC, Americans for Prosperity, go after libraries. This election in Plainfield on April 4th is the sixth clear example of their involvement in the agenda to defund libraries. We need your help to fight back. When the Koch Brothers and AFP puts out an anti-tax and anti-library attack, they do it with direct mail and robocalls - and they always do it late in the campaign. We need the resources to confront these anti-tax forces before they can start in the next town. Help us stop them with a one time donation today or a $5-10 monthly donation.

Leaving Our Library Silos - Coalition Work

As part of our 2017 EveryLibrary Agenda, we are taking a deliberate step to bring EveryLibrary to coalitions that support the people libraries serve. We will join together support the work of other organizations that address common concerns about our country, but may need to hear about libraries and librarians in a new way. Our hope is to find willing and engaged coalition partners who understand that libraries are part of the solution to problems facing America today.

2016 Annual Report

The full report discusses our strong donor support, our campaigns wins for public libraries, our growth supporting school library communities, the extensive outreach we are doing to voters and Americans through VoteLibraries and our Action platform, and a host of thanks to our volunteers, donors, supporters, and corporate partners. The Executive Summary is provided for your review below.

EveryLibrary and BCALA Team to Support the Cynthia Graham Hurd Foundation

On June 17th, 2015, Charleston, SC. was shattered when an armed man entered - and participated in - a church gathering before taking the lives of nine of their neighbors, colleagues, friends, and family members. All of America was shocked by this killing. Like many, we struggled for a way to make sense of it, and to do something in the aftermath that would address it. Something that would matter.

2015 Annual Report

Our 2015 Annual Report name checks a lot of people, partners, and campaigns.  We’re really proud of that.  Over 1,000 personal donors self-identify on our donation site.  Fourteen corporate donors make the “Thank you” list (with 8 re-ups from 2014).  The 10 campaigns we worked with are close to our hearts. We started a new journal and partnered on several coalitions. We were honored by dozens of volunteers, event co-hosts, and capacity builders who wanted to share their time and talents.  We were lucky to add 2 new Advisory Committee members and Brian Hart, our newest board member.