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Voters Approve a New Addition To the Charlotte Library in Vermont

We were extremely proud to support the Charlotte Library in Vermont as they went to the voters on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019. This campaign would support half the cost of the construction of an addition to the Charlotte Library so that the small library could expand and better serve its community. It passed by a 63% margin at 629 to 236.

National E-Ship Week Webinar – Libraries and Incubators 2019

EveryLibrary was proud to be the library coordinating partner for National Entrepreneurship Week, a congressionally chartered campaign to highlight and encourage startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurial ventures.

A Big Win in Iowa!

We are excited to announce that the campaign to keep school librarians from being “optional” in Iowa State Senate Bill 1190 in Iowa was wildly successful and the language was removed from the bill. In less than 12 hours over 500 people across the state of Iowa signed the petition. Your actions made this possible!

Win for School Libraries in Georgia

Thank you to everyone who voiced your support for media specialists and all certified educators to be part of the pay raise!

Our April 2019 Library Campaigns

EveryLibrary is proud to support four public libraries on their April 2019 Election Days.

Meet EveryLibrary’s 2019 “Artist in Residence” Producers

EveryLibrary is happy to announce that Erinn Batykefer and Laura Damon-Moore will produce our 2019 Artist in Residence program this fall. As Producers, Erinn and Laura will collaboratively develop the theme for the 2019 program, identify two or three artists who will inform the theme creatively, and curate performances or displays of these commissioned works. Together, they bring their unique experience as of the co-founders of the Library as Incubator Project (LAIP), a long-running site that connected artists and libraries for new collaborations.

2018 Annual Report

EveryLibrary was able to do a tremendous amount of good for public and school libraries in 2018. Thanks to the support of thousands of donors, we were able to help 17 public libraries on their Election Days, help dozens of school libraries stay open, help hold the line on federal funding for the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) when the President threatened to cut its budget, help our partners in numerous state library organizations with their legislative agendas, and engage tens of thousands of Americans about libraries and librarians.

EveryLibrary News and Press Round-Up for 2018

EveryLibrary’s leadership team made news in 2018 on topics from federal funding and the #SaveIMLS crisis to the success of our advocacy initiatives.

You Made the Passage of MLSA Possible Last Night!

People like you helped libraries secure a big win last night!

The Lame Duck Congress Threatens BOTH Library Funding and the Copyright Office!

There are two critical bills in the Lame Duck Congress that will have an impact on libraries and your daily life – and we need to take action on both today.