News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

Facing a Book Ban or Censorship Legislation? How can we help?

We are concerned about book banning, censorship, and anti-library legislation in your community. That's why we offer a wide range of tools and direct pro-bono support to help local campaigners fight back.

View the Archive: Censored Authors Speak 2022: A round table discussion about book banning in America

On the evening of April 6, 2022, EveryLibrary hosted a discussion of authors and an editor of young adult materials who have had their books challenged and removed from library shelves.

Legislation of Concern

UPDATE: See Legislation of Concern in 2023  

Good Bills We’re Following this Session

At EveryLibrary we don’t just pay attention to the bills that harm our industry; we also track and support the good ones. Legislators across the country have filed bills promoting digital equity and media literacy programs. We support legislation that will increase access to technology and help students learn how to critically consume media.

Wyoming Libraries Launch New Statewide Advocacy Program

Wyoming Library Association and EveryLibrary to create new public-facing advocacy and outreach campaigns to identify, cultivate, and activate new support.

FY2022 Omnibus Budget Passed with Increases for L.A.M.

Yesterday, Congress has passed the FY 2022 omnibus budget bill with level-funding for LSTA, the program that funds grants to state libraries. IMLS overall saw an increase for museums and that should be celebrated. Congress knows IMLS is libraries and museums, not or.

We are Buying Everyone a Drink in PDX

Congratulations again on being named Librarian of the Year for 2022 alongside all of your marvelous colleagues. In celebration, EveryLibrary wants to buy you a drink during PLA in Portland. You earned it and it is the least we can do to say Thank You.

How are We Fighting Against Book Banning?

April 13, 2023 Update: EveryLibrary Launches New "Fight For the First" platform to support local and statewide grassroots groups fighting censorship As we continue to see attacks on the freedom to read across the country, EveryLibrary is working with dozens of local activists and organizations to give them the resources they need to fight back.

Furries Are Fighting for Libraries and Library Boards May Be Faking Book Challenges

In the last few weeks we've seen dozens of new attacks on libraries. We're working on quite a few of them. Luckily, we have found just as many new allies to help fight for libraries. From furries to suburban women, Americans are rallying to fight for libraries and their right to access information.

Read Our 2021 Annual Report

EveryLibrary is uniquely focused on helping local libraries during political and funding crises, and state or national library organizational partners reach and activate the public about budgetary, legislative, or regulatory issues. In 2021, we were working hard to help support the funding future of school libraries and public libraries across the country.