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Annual Report: State Legislative Advocacy and Funding for Libraries

EveryLibrary always works to help the legitimate library stakeholder amplify its own agenda and voice.

Annual Report: Direct Political Action

In 2019, EveryLibrary helped dozens of libraries safeguard their funding from local threats through direct political actions and lobbying activities or through behind-the-scenes supports for leaders and activists as they campaigned for their libraries.

Annual Report: Public Library Elections

EveryLibrary was proud to work with 14 library communities on their ballot measures in 2019.

Annual Report: Libraries 2020 Launch

On December 3, EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute announced the launch of the Libraries 2020 campaign, a first of its kind nationwide voter engagement campaign for libraries. Using modern, advanced voter engagement strategies, the Libraries 2020 campaign will build political power, lasting public engagement, and true voter support for library funding across the country. This campaign brings the skills, competencies, and successes of both EveryLibrary, the only national political action committee for libraries, and the EveryLibrary Institute, a non-profit library think tank focused on the future of library funding.

Thank Our Corporate Sponsors At ALAMW20

We would love to take a moment and ask you to thank all of our 2019 corporate sponsors when you see them at ALAMW. With their donations we were able to provide pro-bono support for library campaigns and take action on dozens of library funding initiatives bringing in over 300 million dollars in new funding to the library industry. This new funding will allow dozens of libraries to keep their doors open and better serve their communities. For a full list of EveryLibrary’s corporate and vendor sponsors, or to find out how to become a corporate sponsor, just click here.

Read Our 2019 Annual Report

Our work as the only national political action committee for libraries reached several important milestones in 2019. You can read about all of our activities in 2019 in our annual report!

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We help libraries win elections. Every one of them matters. Some, like the new library district we helped create in Potomac, IL. in 2018 really matter to the community. We can't do it without your donations.

Don't Imprison Librarians!

One of the most egregious bills we’ve ever seen has just been introduced in Missouri. If HB 2044 passes, the government will be able to fine and send librarians to jail if a child accesses a book at a library that they deem to be “inappropriate”. 


“Rally to Restore Philadelphia School Librarians” Planned on Friday, January 24, at 12:30pm

The Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA) and EveryLibrary, a non-profit, national political action committee for libraries, will hold a demonstration on Friday, January 24 beginning at 12:30pm in front of the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) Administration Building, 440 N. Broad St., to call for the restoration of school librarian positions in Philadelphia city schools and in districts around the state.


Rally And Party for School Libraries in Philadelphia

We're excited to announce two great events supporting school libraries and in partnership with the Pennsylvania School Library Association. Come out to these events during the American Library Association Conference in Philadelphia and help us support school libraries in Pennsylvania and beyond.