News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

Training Opportunities For Libraries To Learn To Build Support for Funding

We are excited to announce these opportunities for library staff and supporters to learn how to build community support and the political will for funding libraries.

States and Municipalities Need Federal Aid Now

The fate of public libraries, school libraries, and college and university libraries is inextricably tied to the financial stability of state and municipal funding. The revenue forecasts are grave for towns, cities, counties, school districts, and states, but there is a chance to blunt the worst effects for libraries and the communities and campuses they serve - but only if we understand how funding really works. 

In Support of Education Funding During Covid

The COVID-19 public health emergency has had major financial impacts across the country, including our schools and school libraries. It is crucial that we support our local school librarians with the funds they need so they can focus on what they do best – teaching our nation’s children and helping them flourish into thoughtful, independent adults. That's why we're asking you to sign the petition to support H.R. 8691

One Book, One Congress

What if every member of Congress read the same book? What if that book was about libraries? Let’s teach our political leaders how important libraries are to people like you by sending the book, “Inspiring Library Stories,” to every member of Congress. Every $20 we raise sends one book to one person in Congress.

Voters in Red and Blue States Support Smart Taxes for Local Libraries in 2020

EveryLibrary, the national political action committee for libraries, is releasing preliminary results from 37 local ballot measures and referendums for public libraries across the country. While all results are uncertified as of today, EveryLibrary is happy to report that 28 measures for libraries were approved by voters in 17 states.  As of now, 3 library measures failed and 6 additional questions are too soon to call. This includes at least $728 million in bonds for new construction and renovation of library buildings and hundreds of millions of dollars in operating levies for collections, programs, and staffing. 

Masks to Support Libraries and Protect Your Community

Did you know that you can buy masks that help protect your community and also help support libraries across the United States? Right now we are offering two different masks and two ways to help us support libraries so just take your pick!

Library Ballot Initiatives in 2020

Throughout the last 7 years, EveryLibrary has maintained national data on library ballot initiatives. This year is no different but we’d love to ask for your help.

Pledge to Vote for Libraries in 2020

EveryLibrary, the non-profit organization dedicated to building voter support for libraries and advocating in support of public funding for libraries, is announcing a call for donations to aid libraries on the ballot this election cycle.

Library Advocacy and Funding Conference Draws 1,000+ Leaders

Earlier this week, library leaders from around the world gathered online to learn and collaborate on effective advocacy and funding techniques beyond standard storytelling methods participating in the Library Advocacy and Funding Virtual Conference, on September 14th-September 16th. All presenters were hand-selected from some of the largest campaigns, advocacy groups, fundraising organizations, and large corporations to deliver new ideas, strategies and tactics for rebuilding support for library funding.

The Post Office Matters to Libraries, Readers, and Voters

It is vitally important that the Post Office be properly funded and fully supported in order for libraries to deliver literacy and reading into every corner of our country.