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Most articles from other library organizations are written for librarians. While there is value in librarians talking to each other, EveryLibrary writes stories each week that are focused on educating and enlightening the American public about what libraries do and who librarians are. We publish our magazine on Medium, a widely used and easily discoverable public-facing platform. By syndicating these stories on our Facebook, and Twitter, we reach over 1,000,000 Americans each week with great stories about libraries and the solutions they provide.

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We employ a highly skilled staff of freelance writers who create articles that spark public interest in libraries. The stories that spring from our writers’ unique mix of interests and expertise offer a distinctive and insightful lens on the merit of libraries. While we publish stories from across the library world, we tend to focus on small to midsized libraries in particular. EveryLibrary invites any library to reuse, remix, and repurpose our content on their own blogs, newsletters, and social media. Your library can post the articles "as is" or edit and revise them to customize the content for your community within our creative commons license, outlined below. 

Free Editable Content 

EveryLibrary's robust collection of free articles on library-related topics is designed to ignite public interest in libraries. We have articles for many occasions, from National Library Week to Entrepreneurship Week to National Disabilities Awareness MonthWhatever you want your community to know about library impact, we have a breadth of content to market your library on social media. Increase your communications frequency, grow your reach, and build support in your community. 

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Getting started is easy! Dive into our growing library of articles designed to build awareness and appreciation of the value of libraries among Americans, whether they are active library users or not.  You can browse the articles chronologically, by keyword search, or by subject: 

  • Keyword Searching:  Our catalog of Medium stories is readily searchable. Click the 🔍 icon in the top right-hand corner of our Medium profile and enter keywords for the type of stories you need, such as "kids," "book bans," "summer," "health," "National Bookmobile Month," or "business.

Creative Commons License 

Please adhere to our creative commons license when editing our content. Our articles are published under Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International and are free to edit and use with attribution. Please cite "EveryLibrary on medium.com/everylibrary." 

Who is EveryLibrary?  

EveryLibrary is the first and only national organization dedicated to building library voter support. We "promote public, school, and college libraries, including by advocating in support of public funding for libraries and building public awareness of public funding initiatives." We are creating a national network of Americans who will take action to create a better future for library funding. 

We want the public to support library funding. It's as simple as that. We employ a highly skilled staff of freelance writers who create articles to spark public interest in libraries. These stories add to EveryLibrary's online presence via Medium, Facebook, and Twitter. The stories spring from our writers' unique mix of interests and expertise and offer a distinctive and insightful lens on the merit of libraries. We support grassroots library advocacy and hope to galvanize voters to support library funding. Learn more at action.everylibrary.org

What is Medium?

Medium is an open sources platform for digital publishing. Users can post stories to a profile. It operates in a way that is similar to an online magazine. EveryLibrary has found Medium to be a convenient place to publish articles in a shareable way.