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“The guidance EveryLibrary provided to staff and trustees on Information Only Campaigns, messaging, and the process was invaluable to us. All the more so because it was provided pro-bono. Their personal engagement helped allay fears and reassure us along the way, too. Thanks to EveryLibrary you for the great work you do for libraries.”

Jeannie Dilger, Executive Director, Palatine (IL) Public Library District

I am so unbelievably grateful for the help and support I was given by EveryLibrary. They got the word out at such a crucial point in the election, which is why our fight went national and then international.

Laura Sanders, Director, Lafourche Parish (LA) Public Library system

You and your team are doing great work and every librarian should be supporting EveryLibrary! I’ve made my contribution a recurring monthly donation and I wish you all the best. Thanks for the work that you’re doing and I am proud to put my support behind it!

Richard Huffine

Thanks for providing the vision and the leadership to create this incredibly valuable resource for libraries across the United States. Libraries have a long history of collaboration and cooperation in the development of services for our communities, and it’s time we stand together in the political arena as well. Cheers.

Derek Wolfgram

The smartest thing I did with this campaign was to contact you and ask for your help!!!! It was a pleasure working with EveryLibrary. You were a GREAT support!

Brenda Crider, Director, Bucyrus Public Library

I give monthly because I believe in what they do to keep libraries open and available to all.

Connie Hill Brasier  

News and Updates

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The Book Stays at North Hunterdon High

In a significant victory for free speech and academic freedom, the North Hunterdon-Voorhees School District in New Jersey voted to retain the book "Let's Talk About It" in their high school library. 

Texas Voters Move a Step in the Right Direction During the May 4th Election

The results from local elections held statewide in Texas on Saturday, May 4 show losses by extremist candidates advocating for the banning of books.

EveryLibrary Supports Plaintiffs in Autauga-Prattville Lawsuit Against Discriminatory Library Policies

Filed by Read Freely Alabama, the Alabama Library Association, and a group of local families, this lawsuit addresses the board's discriminatory policies that unjustly restrict the acquisition and retention of a broad spectrum of books, particularly for minors and featuring LGBTQIA+ themes, authors, and identities.

Welcoming Camp, Paquette, and Shableski to the EveryLibrary Board

EveryLibrary announces the addition of three outstanding individuals to our Board of Directors. These accomplished professionals bring a wide range of expertise but share a commitment to supporting libraries and advancing our mission. 

A Win in Louisiana for Independent Library Boards and Free Association

We are happy to share that two bad bills in Louisiana have been "involuntarily deferred" by the legislature and won't return this session. HB946, which would have eliminated independent public library boards, and HB777, which would have prohibited librarians from joining the ALA, are both dead bills.

A Milestone in Library Advocacy: Rebekah Cummings Runs for Lt. Governor of Utah

At EveryLibrary, we are thrilled to witness a historic moment in the intersection of librarianship and public service. For the first time to our knowledge, a librarian, Rebekah Cummings, is running for the office of Lt. Governor on a major party ticket in the United States. 

Southington CT Library Expansion Comes to Life

In November 2021, EveryLibrary celebrated passing a multi-million dollar building bond to expand the Southington, CT, library.

Stand Together for Libraries and Every Reader: May 3, 2024, Freedom to Learn Day of Action

Libraries serve as the anchor of our communities, campuses, and schools. Librarians safeguard the free flow of information and build collections with where everyone’s stories matter. Yet these strongholds of freedom face unprecedented challenges as efforts to censor voices and stories and people continue to intensify around the country. This May 3, 2024, we call upon you to join the Freedom to Learn National Day of Action to champion the freedom to learn and the essential role of libraries in counteracting censorship.

Another Win Against Book Bans in Washoe County, Nevada!

Washoe County, Nevada, has emerged as a battleground in the national fight over freedom of expression in libraries. A relatively small yet highly vocal faction launched an effort aimed at removing books they consider objectionable from the public — specifically, those containing LGBTQ+ content, themes of racial diversity, and other topics. This move to ban books was met with a robust response from the community, and EveryLibrary was there to help with our “Fight for the First'' initiative. 

Statement from EveryLibrary on the Cancellation of Author Maulik Pancholy’s visit to Mountain View Middle School

EveryLibrary stands with the parents and students and staff of Mountain View Middle School and the larger Cumberland Valley (PA) school district in expressing disappointment and concern in the recent decision by their school board to cancel the visit of author Maulik Pancholy.