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EveryLibrary builds support for libraries and helps Americans fight book banning in their communities.


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“The guidance EveryLibrary provided to staff and trustees on Information Only Campaigns, messaging, and the process was invaluable to us. All the more so because it was provided pro-bono. Their personal engagement helped allay fears and reassure us along the way, too. Thanks to EveryLibrary you for the great work you do for libraries.”

Jeannie Dilger, Executive Director, Palatine (IL) Public Library District

I am so unbelievably grateful for the help and support I was given by EveryLibrary. They got the word out at such a crucial point in the election, which is why our fight went national and then international.

Laura Sanders, Director, Lafourche Parish (LA) Public Library system

You and your team are doing great work and every librarian should be supporting EveryLibrary! I’ve made my contribution a recurring monthly donation and I wish you all the best. Thanks for the work that you’re doing and I am proud to put my support behind it!

Richard Huffine

Thanks for providing the vision and the leadership to create this incredibly valuable resource for libraries across the United States. Libraries have a long history of collaboration and cooperation in the development of services for our communities, and it’s time we stand together in the political arena as well. Cheers.

Derek Wolfgram

The smartest thing I did with this campaign was to contact you and ask for your help!!!! It was a pleasure working with EveryLibrary. You were a GREAT support!

Brenda Crider, Director, Bucyrus Public Library

I give monthly because I believe in what they do to keep libraries open and available to all.

Connie Hill Brasier  

News and Updates

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Tell Your Libraries You Love Them for National Library Week 2024

As we celebrate National Library Week from April 7 to April 13, 2024, we invite you to sign the "Library Love Letter" EveryLibrary co-hosts with PEN America, and We Believe.

Why We Fight for the First - Our Impact a Year Since Launch

We are celebrating an important milestone: The one-year anniversary of Fight for The First, the only online digital advocacy platform that provides tools, funding, and other resources to local communities who want to take action against book bans in public libraries and school libraries around the United States.

EveryLibrary Statement on Louisiana HB777, the Anti-ALA Bill

EveryLibrary strongly opposes Louisiana House Bill 777.

Celebrate National Library Week 2024 with EveryLibrary's Exclusive Author Chats!

National Library Week 2024 is just around the corner, and EveryLibrary is bringing you an unforgettable experience! We've teamed up with the new hit podcast Drinks in the Library to host three spectacular online live author events. This is your ticket to dive deep into the world of books with some of your favorite authors right from the comfort of your home. RSVP now to secure your spot!  

Publishing for Parents

We are open to partnerships with publications that share our goal of improving the lives of Americans and are interested in unique free content for their publications.

"Are You a Librarian?" Documentary - FB Live Conversation with Producers

Join us for a Facebook Live and YouTube Live event on Monday, March 25th at 8:00 EST to meet the team behind the groundbreaking documentary, 'Are You a Librarian: The Untold Story of Black Librarians,' which will be released in early 2025. 

Tired of book bans? Run for something!

Running for office may be the only way out of book bans In the last three years we’ve seen local legislators and government officials attack libraries. 

EveryLibrary and PEN America Statement on Huntington Beach Censorship Committees

EveryLibrary and PEN America Statement Opposing New Proposed Ordinance in Huntington Beach, CA “Community-Parent Guardian Review Board for Review of Procurement of Children’s Library Material” (No. 4318 3/19/24)

Statement from EveryLibrary on the Firing of Autauga-Prattville Alabama Public Library Staff

EveryLibrary is alarmed by the library board's firing of the Autauga-Prattville Alabama Public Library director and staff yesterday. It is unethical and unjust. We are calling on the City Council, Mayor, and County Commissioners to return these librarians to their jobs and rescind the discriminatory anti-LBGTQ+ policies imposed by the board. We must take action to ensure that all citizens' rights are protected and that the library is free from workplace harassment and politicized actions. 

Don't Politicize Louisiana Library Boards

In a move that threatens the foundation of independent library boards of control in Louisiana, the state legislature is considering House Bill 640 this session. HB640 would end our public libraries' autonomy from politics and the control of local politicians.