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2018 Election Night for Libraries

EveryLibrary tracked 79 elections for new or renewed funding, building projects, and library governance on November 6, 2018 General Election ballots from coast to coast. We were proud to support 10 of these libraries directly in their Informational Campaign Communications along with the local independent Vote Yes committees. In addition, we supported two state library associations partners in their statewide voter outreach about education funding measures that would impact school libraries.

What’s at Stake for Our Libraries this November

This November, we are at work in 10 towns, cities, and counties as they campaign for critically needed local library funding. Over $136 million dollars in stable operating funds and building projects is at stake for these libraries. We are also proud to be working closely with our partners at the Colorado Association of Libraries and the Utah Library Association as they campaign on two important statewide ballot measures for new school funding. If they pass, both will directly benefit school libraries in both states.

Join Us For National Vote Libraries Month

At EveryLibrary, we know that over 90% of public library funding comes from the will of local voters and politicians. That’s why we’re launching National Vote Libraries Month throughout October – a national marketing campaign designed to reach more Americans who believe in the power of libraries and encourage them to pledge to vote for libraries and politicians who support libraries. That’s why, prior to the November elections, we’re asking you to sign and share the Pledge to Vote for Libraries:

Vote for Question 1 and School Libraries in Utah

The Utah Library Association and EveryLibrary invite you to take the Pledge to Vote For Question #1 this November. Question #1 is an important and necessary proposal to increase school library funding in Utah through a new motor fuel tax. If it passes, 70% of the funding will go directly to improve education in local school districts.

Take the Pledge Colorado to Vote Yes on Amendment 73 for School Libraries

Please join EveryLibrary, the Colorado Association of Libraries and the Colorado Association of School Librarians in taking the Pledge to Vote YES on Amendment 73 this November.

Macon-Bibb Libraries Saved!

We are excited to share that, thanks to your support, the Macon-Bibb Commission decided to fund the Middle Georgia Regional Library by amending last week’s interim budget. Over 800 people signed the petition and sent emails to the local commissioners asking them to restore the funding for the library.

What if Libraries Were Better Funded?

As the Nation's first and only Political Action Committee for libraries, we're committed to focusing on ensuring that libraries are well funded in the United States. We’re only halfway through the year, and we’re very excited about our successes in 2018.

Sign Your Library Up for National Voter Registration Day 2018

EveryLibrary is proud to continue our dedication to National Voter Registration Day in 2018. Every year since 2012, National Voter Registration Day has served as a critical tool in adding valuable voices to our political discourse through voter registration at libraries.

2017 Annual Report

EveryLibrary started with a hope that “any library funding measure anywhere should matter to every library everywhere.” The notion that we are all in this together–as a community of folks who believe in the power of libraries and who support the librarians who serve their communities–is at the core of our organizational values and work. In 2017, we were very effective in winning elections for libraries and helping school librarians whose jobs were threatened.

The Koch Brothers and Libraries

We are continuing to see the Koch Brothers Super PAC, Americans for Prosperity, go after libraries. This election in Plainfield on April 4th is the sixth clear example of their involvement in the agenda to defund libraries. We need your help to fight back. When the Koch Brothers and AFP puts out an anti-tax and anti-library attack, they do it with direct mail and robocalls - and they always do it late in the campaign. We need the resources to confront these anti-tax forces before they can start in the next town. Help us stop them with a one time donation today or a $5-10 monthly donation.