News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

Fighting Back Against Laws and Regulations that Harm State Library Associations

State library association leaders are grappling with unusual bills, rules, and executive orders that would restrict a state's spending of any funds on the association’s goods, products, services, and events. In some states, the prohibitions concern state spending. In others, the prohibitions would extend prohibitions to municipalities, libraries, and schools. In both situations, our colleagues in state library associations are seeing unreasonable, politically motivated attacks on how they can conduct business.

Reverse Anti-LGBTQ+ Book Buying Policy in Prattville

EveryLibrary joins Read Freely Alabama, PEN America, and the National Coalition of Censorship to call on the Autauga-Prattville Library Board (AL) to reverse its new policy prohibiting all children’s and young adult books related to sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and relevant issues. The groups called the new policy discriminatory and urged the Prattville Library to uphold the freedom to read for all its patrons.

Endorsing HB299, the Delaware Libraries for All Act

Censorship is on the rise across the county, and Delaware Libraries want to act before book bans take hold there. With so many censorship efforts targeting LGBTQ and BIPOC titles, book bans are a form of discrimination as well as an attack on the First Amendment.

Texas School Districts Should Refrain from Rating Library Books Under HB900

HB900, the Texas book rating bill, is being challenged on Constitutional grounds in federal court. Despite this, numerous school districts in Texas are acting as if HB900 is operative and are citing HB900 as the reason to rate and review school library collections. EveryLibrary has joined the Children's Defense Fund-Texas and several other free speech and education advocacy organizations in issuing a letter to School Boards and Administrators across Texas about HB900, the Readers Act, clarifying the law and cautioning them to stop removing books. 

Endorsing HR 6830, the Books Save Lives Act of 2024

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) has introduced H.R.6830, the  Books Save Lives Act (2024), to counteract the rise in book bans in public libraries and school libraries nationwide. EveryLibrary is encouraging all library stakeholders to learn about and support this important new legislation.

EveryLibrary Launches Libraries2024 Initiative to Engage Voters About the Big Issues Affecting Libraries

EveryLibrary, the national political action committee for libraries, launches the Libraries2024 Initiative, a new voter-facing campaign to promote issue advocacy and civic education about school libraries, public libraries, and the profession of librarianship in advance of Election Days throughout the 2024 cycle.

Remove Libs of Tik Tok (Chaya Raichik) From Oklahoma Library Board

Oklahoma’s culture war-obsessed superintendent has appointed professional harasser Chaya Raichik — of the account Libs of TikTok — to the state’s Department of Education Library Media Advisory Committee.

More than Free Speech: Upholding the Whole First Amendment through EveryLibrary's Fight for the First Campaigns

The First Amendment is rightly associated with free speech in libraries, but its scope goes beyond just the freedom to read. It also protects the rights of citizens to peacefully assemble and petition the government, both of which are core components of our democratic society. Our hope, when we launched Fight for the First, was to support not only free speech rights in libraries but also the broader scope of the First Amendment, especially how citizens engage library boards and school boards in our democratic republic. 

Pro-Library Legislation in 2024

EveryLibrary is monitoring legislation during the 2024 session that supports libraries, librarians, and Americans' freedom to read and think for themselves.

Rethinking Legislative Advocacy by State Library Associations

The unprecedented number and nature of legislative attacks on libraries and librarians during the 2023 session should be a wake-up call to state library associations. It is time to review and reconsider our sector's approach to legislative advocacy.