Direct Voter Advocacy

EveryLibrary helps library communities when they have a question before the voters. But we also take our mission to help improve the image and perception of libraries and librarians seriously.

Our Action platform allows EveryLibrary to conduct three kinds of direct actions for libraries. We are able to support petitions and emailing targeted to elected officials and use social-influencing campaigns to affect positive change for libraries and library issues. EveryLibrary can set up a direct action in only a few hours. Because of our donor support, we can have that campaign out in front of the local, regional, or national stakeholders through paid social media ads very quickly. It is the combination of grassroots and paid advertising that makes us so effective. 

Is your school library or public library being threatened with budget cuts? Is there a compelling piece of legislation in your state that would support or disrupt library services? Are there organizations or government agencies that are disrupting library services, programs, or events? If so, then let us help! We would like to host your petition on our platform and use our extensive reach and resources to ensure that your petition is successful.

"With EveryLibrary’s knowledge and resources, we were able to mobilize local library supporters on a large scale and make sure our voices were heard."

Read more about how EveryLibrary's Action platform helped the Friends of the Mary Vinson Library turn around terrible budget cuts for the Twin Lakes Library District in Georgia. 

Our Action platform is different than anything else that is available to you. That’s because we don’t make you fight alone. By working with us on our platform you will gain access to all of the pro-bono tools, data, funding, and training that EveryLibrary has to offer. For example, by using our platform, EveryLibrary will:

  • Provide free consulting on the content of your petition to ensure that it is highly engaging and actionable by your community.
  • Provide up to $500 in digital ads in your community to ensure that library supporters in your area are given the opportunity to see and sign the petition.
  • Email our lists of pre-identified library supporters in your community who we know will take action to support their local library.
  • Post your petition to our social media where we have a reach of over 1.5 million Americans each week.
  • Provide pro-bono consulting on engaging with your community and building more structured support for your library.
  • Provide you with the list of library supporters who signed your petition at the end of the campaign.
  • Send emails to your supporters and signers on your behalf to encourage further action, give updates, and thank them at the end of the campaign.

Typically, we will activate your petition on our platform within 24 hours of your submission. However, we may have questions or suggestions to make your petition more effective. We will contact you to discuss strategies for deploying your petition in your community as well as talk through the next steps for petition signers. For example, we want to know if there are meetings that they should attend or if there is a rally or event to support the library. If so, we can build those actions in our communications strategy.

Please note that our focus is on politics and library, literacy, information, funding, and access issues. To that end, we reserve the right to deny petitions that do not fall under our mission as a 501c4 organization and endangers our status with the IRS. That means that we may choose not to run petitions that attack library industry associations, organizations, vendors, or individuals. Our 501c4 status precludes us from campaigns and actions around labor disputes or internal or personnel conflicts within a library, library system, organization, or between individuals. We do not campaign for or against any candidate for any office at any level of government.