Stand Together for Libraries and Every Reader: May 3, 2024, Freedom to Learn Day of Action

Libraries serve as the anchor of our communities, campuses, and schools. Librarians safeguard the free flow of information and build collections with where everyone’s stories matter. Yet these strongholds of freedom face unprecedented challenges as efforts to censor voices and stories and people continue to intensify around the country. This May 3, 2024, we call upon you to join the Freedom to Learn National Day of Action to champion the freedom to learn and the essential role of libraries in counteracting censorship.

As a co-sponsor of Freedom to Learn Day of Action and as a partner in the Right to Learn (R2L) Coalition, EveryLibrary encourages library supporters to take one or more of the following actions:

Email Congress - Advocate Against Censorship by Contacting Congress

Imagine a world where the doors to knowledge are locked. The "Fight Book Bans Act" aims to keep these doors wide open by providing financial support to school districts facing book challenges. Another anti-censorship bill, the "Books Save Lives Act (H.R.6830)," combats the wave of book bans in America, and the "Right to Read Act" ensures free and fair access to school libraries. We must unite our voices to support these critical pieces of federal legislation, reinforcing our stand against censorship. 

Sign the Pledge - Commit to Voting with Libraries in Mind 

Every single vote matters in our democracy. By pledging to Vote for Libraries, you're not just making a principled commitment to cast your ballot for candidates who support libraries and the freedom to learn; you're recognizing that libraries transcend partisan political divides, serve as fundamental hubs for learning and community growth, and protect our First Amendment and civil rights. Let's pledge to prioritize libraries in our voting choices, securing their legacy for future generations.

Write a Letter to the Editor – Voice Your Support by Writing to Your Local Newspaper

Because local newspapers both capture and reflect the essence of our communities, a letter to the editor is a potent means to influence public opinion. Your voice is significant, whether expressing your concern over restricted access to a diverse collection of books for children or sharing your vision for an educated and enlightened community. We encourage you to use our prompts or craft your own message to advocate for libraries and against book bans, ensuring our collective voice resonates throughout our communities.

Organize Locally to Support the Library – Launch a "Fight for the First" Campaign

This may be the most important call to action because it is the most-local way to fight for our First Amendment rights. A "Fight for the First" campaign is a grassroots movement powered by individuals committed to protecting intellectual freedom. When you start a local campaign, EveryLibrary will help you quickly build a team of local supporters ready to back your cause. You will also gain membership to the National Library Alliance and get access to a robust suite of organizing tools, a network of grassroots leaders, and free “anytime” coaching and consulting from EveryLibrary staff. As a local organizer, you play a crucial role in rallying your community to safeguard the principles of the First Amendment through petitions, events, and more.

Standing Up for a Common Cause

As the May 3, 2024 Day of Action approaches, let's remember that when we come together to act with purpose, affirming our dedication to all that libraries stand for, we have a powerful collective impact. Through these actions, we defend not only libraries but also our inherent rights to read, learn, and explore the voices and experiences of all Americans. You can follow Day of Actions all across the country with the tag #freedomtolearn.

EveryLibrary is a donor-supported organization dedicated to the future of libraries in the United States. Please consider becoming a donor today to support and empower our work on May 3rd and all year.