Tell Your Libraries You Love Them for National Library Week 2024

Help us lift up thousands of voices for libraries during National Library Week 2024!

As we celebrate National Library Week from April 7 to April 13, 2024, we invite you to sign the "Library Love Letter" EveryLibrary co-hosts with PEN America, and We Believe.

We want to honor our libraries and hope you will join us in expressing your gratitude and support for all they do for their communities, schools, and campuses. We warmly invite you to join us in this powerful gesture.

In a time when the liberties of reading freely and the principles of public education are experiencing significant challenges, supporting our libraries and the dedicated librarians who serve them has never been more necessary. Libraries are far more than collections of books; they are dynamic centers of community life, promoting education, creativity and the pillars of democracy.

Our libraries provide:

  • Access to a wealth of stories and information, ensuring the pursuit of knowledge and discovery extends beyond academic settings to individuals of all ages.
  • A hospitable environment for community engagement, welcoming individuals from diverse walks of life to a space where they can gather, learn, and be inspired.
  • Essential support for democratic processes, by facilitating access to voting and underscoring the inherent right to information.
  • A champion for the freedom to read, with a broad spectrum of materials that cater to varied interests and cultural backgrounds.

How You Can Show Up During NLW 2024

We invite you to sign the Love Letter on the We Believe site. We will add your signature to the thousands we collect nationwide and then share them with librarians in your state and community. 

Take the next step and show your love on social media. Use our social media toolkit to share how much our libraries and library staff mean to you and your community.