Conference Speaking and Staff Training

EveryLibrary board members and selected trainers are frequent speakers, presenters, conveners, and keynoters for library conferences and symposia across the country.

EveryLibrary board members and selected trainers are frequent speakers, presenters, conveners, and keynoters for library conferences and symposia across the country. We provide a wide range of workshops for staff, advocates, trustees, volunteers and anyone interested in building and understanding political acumen to benefit libraries. These workshops include topics such as advocacy, fundraising, managing volunteers, political activism, holistic digital strategies, social media, developing strong coalitions and partnerships, and building effective messages.

Nearly 90% of library funding is dependent on the will of the local voters and the will of the local politicians. In this era of anti-tax and anti-government rhetoric, we need well-trained library staff and library supporters to understand their role in ensuring that libraries remain well-funded and able to provide services to their community. To that end, we’ve specialized in designing a wide range of trainings, workshops, and presentations that can help you, your staff, and your advocates understand a wide variety of the tools and strategies that are available to them to build support for library funding. We can consult your organization and design our courses to compliment the needs of your library, association, or conference attendees to help ensure the long term financial success of libraries.

Download our speaking guide for our latest series of speaking topics and descriptions

Because our speakers and trainers are typically hired as independent contractors their rates and subject specialties may vary. Many of their speaking topics and training subject areas are compatible with a wide range of federal and grant restrictions such as those associated with LSTA. They can typically work with you to create a program that suites your organization’s needs across a wide range of subject areas beyond politics and advocacy.

Topics and Presenters

  chrastka-slj-podiumJohn Chrastka, Executive Director
Library Advocacy and Activism, Library Elections, Strategy and Campaigns, Messaging, Coalition Building, Library Governance, Library Trustees, Negotiations
Illinois – Nationwide
  Sweeney VLA14 1Patrick “PC” Sweeney, Political Director
Library Activism, Managing Volunteers, Holistic Digital Strategies, Political Strategy and Tactics, Community Organizing, Curating Political Power and Influence, Effective Messaging, Advocacy, Library Elections and Strategy, Innovative Library Collections, Managing for Advocacy.
East Coast – Nationwide
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  Erica Findley - March 13Erica Findley, Board Member
Library Advocacy, Associations and Nonprofits, Collaboration, New Graduates, 21st Century Skills
Oregon – Nationwide
  aaeaaqaaaaaaaaopaaaajgfkyjzjmmq1ltjkotytngu3ys1hmtywltlhmtnimtg3ntixygBrian D. Hart, EveryLibrary Board 
Library advocacy, digital strategies, effective messaging
North Carolina – Nationwide
  pete_expect_more_April_2015Peter Bromberg, EveryLibrary Board
Leadership Development, Influence and Identity, Staff Engagement
Utah – Nationwide
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