Pro-Library Legislation in 2024

EveryLibrary is monitoring legislation during the 2024 session that supports libraries, librarians, and Americans' freedom to read and think for themselves.

But EveryLibrary does more than just monitor bills. We are an active and engaged partner with over 75 grassroots groups, many state library associations, and other coalition partners, helping them create and field effective legislative advocacy strategies.

EveryLibrary enables success at state and local levels by providing partners with free access to a suite of digital advocacy tools including our Action.EveryLibrary.Org site,, and, as well as pro bono consulting, free targeted digital marketing, and access to a growing community of practice network.

If you would like to talk about how EveryLibrary can assist your state library association or advocacy group, please contact our team today. 

We are also monitoring "Legislation of Concern" that would limit Americans' freedom to read and think for themselves. 

See our Legislation of Concern page


2024 Pro-Library Legislation

This page is based on a dynamic search of legislation and is being continually updated. 


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