How Your Donations Shape the National Conversation on Library Legislation

Your donor support has positioned EveryLibrary as a crucial source for leading news outlets across the country

Your donor support has positioned EveryLibrary as a crucial source for leading news outlets, including The Washington Post and AP News, offering them up-to-date, detailed information on state-level library legislation.

EveryLibrary's involvement guarantees that discussions on these matters are well-informed and accurate.

We are proud to play this role nationally, leading dialogues and steering public policy decisions about public libraries throughout the United States.

  • In the Washington Post:
    A recent article by the Washington Post highlighted the variance in legislative measures across states, featuring commentary from our executive director, John Chrastka: "We do have two Americas settling into place," he noted, acknowledging the differing policies affecting the future of public libraries. Our commitment to monitoring and analyzing legislative trends is invaluable for journalists covering these topics in depth.
  • In the AP News: 
    Similarly, AP News relied on our legislative reports this week, focusing on positive bills about the right to read. We have played an instrumental role in shaping and advancing the Delaware Libraries for All Act. Our contributions have helped to bring attention to the impact of these laws and have highlighted the efforts of individuals and groups working towards making libraries more diverse and inclusive.

We are honored that respected media channels recognize and utilize our research and insights to educate the public and influence policy decisions.

This acknowledgment is vital in our continuous efforts to combat censorship and champion the freedom to read.

Our mission extends beyond observations; we actively collaborate with grassroots organizations and state library associations to craft and execute strategies that safeguard and advance public access to information.

This kind of proactive involvement is crucial for preserving libraries.

Looking ahead, we face both challenges and opportunities in several key states.

Your ongoing donor support is crucial to our work and we thank you!

Together, we can sustain our momentum and ensure that libraries remain essential pillars of our communities.