News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

Artist in Residence Program 2021

Library Advocacy, Measureable Results

As the nation’s first and only political action committee for libraries, we’re proud that our donors and supporters can measure our success in real numbers and results.

We just mailed two checks to library campaigns!

Every year EveryLibrary works with dozens of libraries that are going to the voters for funding. One of the ways that we support libraries at the ballot is by making direct contributions to their campaigns. In fact, through direct campaign donations from our Rapid Response Fund and through pro-bono campaign consulting, we are able to secure over $1,600 in stable local funding for libraries for every $1 we receive in donations.

EveryLibrary is Proud to Support D.C. School Librarians

Despite the fact that the District of Columbia Public Schools will receive $14 million in stimulus funds, and even though dozens of reports show that school libraries are critical to student literacy success, our students continue to lose access to their school libraries.  America's children deserve better.

Big Win for McCall Library!

I'm very happy to share that donations from people like you have helped the McCall Library pass a bond to build a new library. 

Inspiring library Stories in the Washington Post

The Washington Post Book Club: Reviews and recommendations from critic Ron Charles, featured 'Inspiring Library Stories: Tales of Kindness, Connection, and Community Impact' Edited and Essays by Oleg Kagan.  

Virtual Happy Hour and Benefit Auction for NYC School Librarians Campaign

Join us tonight - Monday April 19th - at 6pm EDT for our Virtual Happy Hour & Silent Auction in Support of NYC School Librarians!

What Your $5 Donation Does for Libraries

One of the best parts of being the Executive Director for EveryLibrary is getting to open the mail. Seriously. I'm old enough to love regular mail. 

Sanitize Your Library Materials While Supporting Libraries!

Looking to reopen your library safely with CARES ACT Spending? Our colleagues at PIkinc | International Library Services are committed to helping libraries reopen safely and supporting libraries and library workers by contributing 10% of the proceeds from the sales of their book sanitizing machines to help us build public support for library funding across the United States. 

EveryLibrary vs. The EveryLibrary Institute

In order to support the wide range of work of EveryLibrary and in order to comply with Federal Tax Law it is necessary to have two organizational entities: EveryLibrary and the The EveryLibrary Institute.