We built the tools your community needs to fight against book bans.

We're building the tools that communities need to fight against book bans. And we're winning.

We're building the tools that communities need to fight against book bans. And they're winning.

We launched fightforthefirst.org just eight weeks ago and in that short time more than 20,000 Americans have signed dozens of local and statewide petitions against book bans and censorship in the United States.

This platform has helped organizers win in places like Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

We helped build a campaign against legislation in Utah.

It's helping local community members fight against book bans in Rapides Parish in Louisiana.

When communities are facing book bans in their community, we're inviting them to launch their own campaign on fightforthefirst.org.

They won't have to fight alone.

We're here to support your community every step of the way.

When they launch an anti-censorship campaign on fightforthefirst.org, our staff will personally walk them through the process of organizing, we'll connect them to the tools they need, and we'll support their outreach with up to $1,000 in digital media and ads in their community to help them reach more people who care.

Plus, their campaigns will be backed by our digital media that reaches more than one million Americans every single week.

And, because of our donors, all of our direct assistance is pro-bono. 

No other organization is building the tools that communities need to fight back. And, we're proud that we're winning.

If you are fortunate enough not to be facing a book ban or censorship campaign in your community, you can help fight by donating to the fight against book bans today. One hundred percent of your donations will be put to work to directly support local campaigns against book bans.