News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

News and Updates

Stay up-to-date with EveryLibrary's work.

EveryLibrary Advocacy Brunch in Northern CA

Libraries are fighting for funding all across the country through levies, referendum, bonds, and tax measures.

EveryLibrary at BEA – Publishers Weekly Coverage

Great coverage in Publishers Weekly about EveryLibrary's time at Book Expo 2013 working building awareness and funding about our mission in support of libraries at the ballot box.

EveryLibrary Backs “Library Revitalization Project” Committee in Hot Springs, MT

June 27, 2013 Contact:John ChrastkaExecutive [email protected]

Walk Your Precinct | New Library Journal Advocates’ Corner Column

EveryLibrary executive director John Chrastka writes about using the best techniques from candidate campaigns to do effective Get Out the Vote work for libraries in this month's Advocates' Corner column from Library Journal.

A Win for Ronan, MT

Congratulations to the Vote Yes for a New Ronan Library District crew and the Ronan City Library on winning last night 873 to 545!

EveryLibrary Intern – Libraries and Political Action

EveryLibrary is pleased to welcome Mallory Arents as our first Hack Library School Intern this summer!

EveryLibrary Backs Community Members for Ronan District Library

EveryLibrary today announces that we are backing the work of Ronan, Montana's ballot issue committee "Community Members for Ronan Library District" as they campaign for a May 7th, 2013 library election.

They Voted No in Shorewood-Troy

We are sorry to announce that the residents of Shorewood-Troy will not be getting a new library this year.

Filling the Advocacy Gap - New Column in Library Journal

We're very happy to start a bimonthly "Advocates' Corner" column for Library Journal.

EveryLibrary Urges Passage of SCA7 in California

EveryLibrary's mission is to help library communities win at the ballot box.