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An Open Letter to Libraries on the Ballot this Fall

Voters, donors, and allies are motivated to support your library campaign when they have a positive perception of the library.

A Win for the Darby Library

We're very happy to report that the Vote YES for Darby Community Library committee succeeded in their campaign to secure an additional $30,000 annual operating levy for the library on yesterday's Election. 

Why Local Isn't Enough

In this piece from The Political Librarian, author AJ Million takes us through the current model for local library funding and exposes the historic context in a way that could encourage us to re-imagine the model.

EveryLibrary’s CLA Pre-Party and Fundraiser

EveryLibrary is excited to announce our fundraiser and pre-party just before the California Library Association Conference in Pasadena.

Lib Politics Rodeo September 15, 2015

Ballots are due today in Darby (MT) for a special election to decide if the library will get a 3 millage increase to its funding.

Getting to the AHA Moment

In this issue of The Political Librarian, author Bill Kennedy takes us through the ins and outs of planning for a ballot measure, and then reconnecting with voters after a loss.  You can read the full text of Volume 1 Issue 1, including pieces by AJ Million, Lindsay Sarin, and John Chrastka, online.

Fall 2015 Campaigns

EveryLibrary is celebrating our 3rd anniversary this week with two big announcements: the launch of our new journal, The Political Librarian, and our support for our next campaigns this fall.

ibrarian – Vol I Issue 1

Announcing Volume I, Issue 1 of The Political Librarian, our new journal at the intersection local libraries, public policy and tax policy.

Lib Politics Rodeo September 1, 2015

News from around the #libraries #politics world

The Our Library, Our Community committee in Cedar Rapids (IA) has received enough signatures to get a measure on the November 3 ballot.

Welcoming Ed Garcia to our Advisory Committee

We are thrilled today to announce that Ed Garcia, director of the Cranston (RI) Public Library, is joining our Advisory Committee as a campaign advisor.