EveryLibrary and Outside the Lines Partner to Promote Library Advocacy and Federal Funding


Supporters are Encouraged to Contact their Representatives During a Nationwide Effort on Thursday, Sept. 14

With Congress back in session and a September deadline for the 2018 federal budget, EveryLibrary and Outside the Lines: Libraries Reintroduced have partnered to promote advocacy and federal funding of libraries. On Thursday, Sept. 14, Outside the Lines participants and library advocates are encouraged to contact their representatives in support of IMLS. This collective effort is intended to amplify the mass support of America’s libraries as vital institutions during Outside the Lines, a weeklong global celebration of the innovation and creativity happening in libraries.

President Trump’s “America First” budget proposes the elimination of the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), an independent federal agency that provides grants and leadership to libraries across the U.S. to advance innovation and lifelong learning. Libraries are a valuable democratic institution, where all people can gain access to information, resources and learning opportunities. As community hubs, libraries serve an important function in society by providing space and services to help individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds thrive. By eliminating the IMLS, state libraries across the country lose critical funding that supports everything from audiobooks for the blind to literacy support for families to vital services for veterans.   

To encourage Congress to save IMLS from funding cuts, EveryLibrary and Outside the Lines will promote library advocacy to the public, encouraging individuals to call their representatives and take action on behalf of libraries everywhere. EveryLibrary is the nation’s first and only library-focused political action committee, dedicated to building voter support for libraries. Outside the Lines is an international grassroots initiative, taking place Sept. 10-16, 2017, celebrating the creativity and innovation happening in libraries through community engagement.

Outside the Lines participants and advocates can also show their support via social prompts that invite people to share what they would do or give up for their library, ranging from whimsical and literary concepts to more direct requests to vote or contact their government representatives.

In addition to this outreach among supporters, EveryLibrary is also providing an educational webinar for library staff and Outside the Lines participants focused on influencing politicians for library funding. Hosted Sept. 19 at 12 pm PT, this webinar highlights effective approaches to working with local, county and state funding partners to secure new funding or enhance the role of the library in the community.


Outside the Lines is an R-Squared initiative designed by Colorado library marketers and directors that gets libraries “walking the walk” – taking action to show our communities how important libraries are and how they’ve changed.

This celebration takes many of the concepts discussed at R-Squared – The Risk & Reward Conference, such as creativity, customer curiosity, culture, community and creative spaces, and puts them into action where they count – in our local communities. Learn more at getoutsidethelines.org.



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