Let’s Support Libraries in 2018!

We're excited about all of the amazing things that libraries are going to do for their communities in 2018!

In 2017 we saw millions of Americans visit their local libraries to get help with school, to get ahead in their careers, and to access all of the services they need to improve their lives. As you can read here, libraries truly change lives in a number of ways.

That's why we're getting ready to support dozens of libraries at the ballot box again this year and fight for library funding in 2018. We’re also going to support library and information issues like Restoring Net Neutrality, Saving School Librarians, and making sure that our nation’s leaders stand up for library funding. But if we want to get ready for a banner year of library support, we need your help! None of this happens without you and more people like you.

Million Americans For Libraries
If we can find one million Americans who love libraries on Facebook then we’ll be able to rally them to support libraries whenever they are threatened. The best way that you can help us find these individuals is to invite your friends and family to like our Facebook page. We need to find one million Americans who love libraries in 2018 so we can reach them with stories of impact, rally them for support, and activate them to take action whenever and wherever libraries are threatened. And if you invite your friends to like us on Facebook and let us know, we’ll send you some great library art in the mail!

Yearlong support for libraries costs less than a cup of coffee!

Share Petitions and Pledges for Libraries
We already have a number of petitions and pledges started for 2018. If you care about school libraries, Net Neutrality, letting our politicians know that you care about libraries, the future of funding our libraries, or even Public Service Loan Forgiveness (that so many librarians rely on), then please take a few minutes and sign these petitions and, more importantly, share them on your social media today!

We’re going to start to broaden our volunteer base this year, so if you've been looking for an opportunity to get involved, this is it! We’d love for you to join us and help us build support for library funding and information issues. If you are interested in creating social media content, organizing meetups and house parties, hosting fundraisers, helping us manage and understand data, or writing articles to educate voters about libraries then we’d love to hear from you. Just add your name to our growing list of volunteers and we’ll get back to you in the next few weeks!

Make a Donation
If we want to help dozens of libraries win elections this year, fight against the closing and defunding of school libraries, build the data we need to make sure that all libraries can have political support, and train library staff and supporters across the country, then let’s get 2018 started with the funding we need to make that happen. We have a lofty fundraising goal, so we can do all of this and more. That’s why we’re asking you to make a one-time donation or start a $3-5 per month contribution today. If we can get 2018 off to a great start, then we can focus more of our time and energy on our day-to-day work of supporting libraries and library funding.

No matter what we do for libraries, let's do it together! We're excited to have you join us in any way that you can and we look forward to having 2018 be a banner year for library funding and political support.