Facing a Book Ban or Censorship Legislation? How can we help?

We’re here to be the pro-bono political consultant in your back pocket and we have all the tools you need to win. All you have to do is ask!

We are concerned about book banning, censorship, and anti-library legislation in your community. That's why we offer a wide range of tools and direct pro-bono support to help local campaigners fight back.

We’re here to be the pro-bono political consultant in your back pocket to help you win. All you have to do is ask!

One of the biggest issues we’ve found is that the people fighting against book bans are not political operatives.

They are parents, teachers, neighbors, friends and family in the community. Yet they’re facing very well-organized and well-funded groups who are fighting to keep books out of the hands of Americans because of their own political, religious, and social agendas.

That’s why we created EveryLibrary as a Gold-Rated 501c4 to help people like you fight against these attacks.

Sign the petition to send an email to your representatives to fight against book banning

We're more than a toolkit or a strongly worded letter. In fact, we offer a number of PRO-BONO services to help you succeed!

  • Direct consulting
    We’ll spend a few hours with you to understand your local issue, train you on tools and tactics, offer advice when you need it, and then we’ll work with you throughout your campaign to help you succeed.

  • Digital Tools
    Whether you need a simple petition or an entire campaign website that includes a petition platform, the ability to collect donations, send mass emails or text messages, organize events, and recruit supporters, we can help provide it. And remember, these are not Wordpress websites! We’re here to help you use some of the most sophisticated digital organizing, petition, and political tools available.

  • Significant reach 
    We can help you reach more Americans with your action. Our social media and supporter lists reach millions of Americans every single week. We can help you with your PR and communications. Let us help you tell your story to more people.

  • Funding
    We can support your campaign with funding from our Rapid Response Fund. This will enable volunteer activists to spend money on ads, reach community members in your area, encourage people to sign petitions, attend meetings, volunteer, and donate to your fight. To date, we’ve provided well over $100,000 in direct funding to campaigns that support libraries.

Thanks to funding from a generous grant and donations from people like you, we are able to provide all of this at NO CHARGE to pro-library campaigns.

You can find our more about how we've helped fight against book bans here.

Simply reach out and contact us today and we can get started! All conversations are confidential.