Your Support is Building a New Library

We are so excited to get the monthly "Library Construction Updates" from the team at the Henrietta (NY) Public Library.

We are so excited to get the monthly "Library Construction Updates" from the team at the Henrietta (NY) Public Library.

Last year, EveryLibrary supported their amazing board and staff team in planning and executing a very effective Informational Communications Campaign in their town. We were also proud to back the"Vote Yes - Henrietta Library Proposal" Committee as they did their Get Out the Vote work for the November 2017 election. It passed with a 62% Yes vote, and they've already broken ground. These truly are what Adrienne Furness, their wonderful director, calls "Exciting Times!"

EveryLibrary was only able to do this work with the Henrietta, NY. because of our donor community. Because they were able to pass this building bond, the library will be able to serve this growing community for another generation. According to Adrienne, "our updated floor plan features our popular large print collection easily accessible in a prime location on the first floor and a children's area that will include its own programming room and space for children of all ages to read, play, and learn." It is a great investment for all ages in town. "EveryLibrary provided us with training that helped us develop messages about our new building proposal and understand how to most effectively prioritize our efforts to get those messages out into our community," she goes on to say.  "The team effort resulted in our library’s story having a strong presence during the campaign..." And to us, the most important part of our work there is that momentum continues after Election Day. "[T]hose strategies we learned through the campaign are continuing to serve us well as we seek to keep our community informed as we finish planning and begin building our new library."

A donation of just $1, $3, or $5 a month ensures that we can continue our work

We are fortunate at EveryLibrary to have strong support from donors around the country that let us work in communities like Henrietta, and with the different - and equally important - teams from the library and from the Yes Committee. About half of our donor support comes from individuals like you.  Since 2012, we've worked on 74 campaigns and have helped secure over $250 million dollars in funding for libraries. In 2018, we are already at work on a dozen campaigns in places like Ferguson, MO., Potomac, IL. and Oakland, CA. If you believe like we do that "any library election anywhere should matter to every library everywhere", please support to our mission and our work as a donor today.