Your Action Helped Save School Librarians in South Orange/Maplewood, New Jersey

A message from Elissa Malespina

Almost two years ago hundreds of people took action and signed a petition on EveryLibrary's platform to stop the cuts to the school libraries in South Orange, New Jersey.

Last night the South Orange/ Maplewood Board of Education voted to hire a second full time certified librarian for the High School. This action means that all the cuts that first occurred in the Spring of 2016 have now been restored! THANK YOU!!!

Not only do both Middle Schools now have full time certified librarians, but the High School now has two librarians and extended hours after school. We were also able to fight for the restoration of budgets for each of the school libraries. These restorations would not have happened without all your support and the constant stream of letters sent to the administration and the BOE expressing support for the school libraries and the valuable role they play in the education.

We are not done with our fight. The High School could use another Full Time certified librarian, since right now we will have two for the almost 2000 students. We are also fighting for the restoration of the technology supervisor position so that librarians will be able to be supervised by someone familiar of their unique position in the schools and that educators in the district will be able to get professional development on the latest technology.

Everylibrary was extremely helpful in restoring the Library position in the South Orange and Maplewood School District. Without their support, guidance I would have not known fully how to fight the cuts. The petition platform was especially helpful because each time a person signed it emails went to every BOE member and the Superintendent. We almost crashed their email server and it showed them just how many people across the nation did not want these cuts. I cannot thank them enough for all their help!

A donation of $25-50 funds political actions for libraries like this one

Whenever anyone asks for advice as to how to fight cuts in the district the first place I send them to is Everylibrary!

Thank you again for all your support!

Elissa Malespina
School Librarian
ISTE Librarian President