You Made the Passage of MLSA Possible Last Night!

People like you helped libraries secure a big win last night!

People like you helped libraries secure a big win last night!

It was amazing to watch the House of Representatives vote to reauthorize the Museum and Library Services Act last night! As the votes came in, I was reminded of thousands of people like you who have stepped up over the last 2 years to talk to your Representatives and Senators about libraries and museums. When I saw that it was going to be a truly bipartisan vote with 169 Republicans joining 158 Democrats, I was relieved. But I was also energized. The Congress itself agreed with what we already know about everyday Americans: that libraries, museums, and archives matter to folks all across the country.

From our SaveIMLS campaign in March 2017 to the last minute push we did this week when the MLSA almost stalled in the House, EveryLibrary has been reaching out to activate voters and the general public about federal funding for libraries. We’ve alerted tens of millions of Americans from all walks of life and helped them contact Congress about funding libraries, supporting the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and renewing federal grant programs for school libraries. It is only through educating Americans and alerting them to libraries in crisis that we can effectively support libraries at the local, state, and federal level. Whenever you share our petitions with your networks or make donations so we can alert more Americans, you are making a huge impact in supporting libraries everywhere.

I’m glad we have supporters and donors like you to do this outreach right. But we need your continued support – and your referrals to likeminded people – to continue to make these kinds of wins happen. You are part of a core group of library activists. If you believe like we do that finding, educating, and activating the public for library funding should be the central part of our organizations’ mission, please donate $25 dollars today or start a $1 per month donation here.

The next Congress, like our country, is rather divided. But like the MLSA vote proved last night, libraries are one place that can truly unite us all. Please help EveryLibrary with a donation and we’ll use it to break through the partisan noise. We’ll put it to work right away and continue this momentum. We’ve saw it work last night: when we can reach more American voters – more of our neighbors – they will stand up for libraries and museums alongside each of us.