You helped school libraries win in South Orange, NJ

We are proud to have so many Americans support school libraries and fight back when they are being threatened for closure.

We are proud to have so many Americans support school libraries and fight back when they are being threatened for closure. That’s exactly what happened in South Orange-Maplewood School District. We were able to use the resources provided by people like you to help the citizens fight back when SOMSD was cutting the school librarians from their schools. You helped ensure that the Board of Education reversed their decision and directed the superintendent to hire a full time certified librarian for each middle school!

Over the last 6 months, EveryLibrary has been working with the people on the ground, like Elissa Malespina, to provide the resources that they needed to win this fight. Using our Action Platform for libraries, we were able to put funding behind petitions and help rally people to attend board meetings through our email platform to ensure that the public’s voice was heard.

“Without Everylibrary we would not have won this fight for a librarian at both of the middle schools. After repeated emails, speeches, letter to the editors, and a previous petition signed by over 700 people the school district was still not going rehire the librarian. Once Everylibrary got involved and allowed us to use their software things quickly changed. The softwares ability to email all BOE members each time someone signed it really started to concern them since their inboxes soon became filled. The other great feature was that ability to promote the petition on social media to a target audience so quickly people in the two towns started to realize that this was occurring and they also started putting pressure on the BOE. It was a long hard fight but we finally got both of the librarians back.”  – Elissa Malespina

Thank you so much for your support! We can’t do this without people like you on our side. If you haven’t signed and shared our general petition for School Libraries, please sign it and share it with your friends and families today! If you would like to help us continue these fights, please consider a one-time donation or starting a $5-10 monthly donation today. You make the difference!

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