Wyoming Libraries Launch New Statewide Advocacy Program

Read about the new partnership between EveryLibrary and WLA in "Wyoming Libraries Launch New Statewide Advocacy Program"

Wyoming Library Association and EveryLibrary to create new public-facing advocacy and outreach campaigns to identify, cultivate, and activate new support.

The Wyoming Library Association, EveryLibrary, and the EveryLibrary Institute are pleased to announce a new advocacy partnership program to benefit libraries across Wyoming. The partnership is focused on building new and more positive visibility for libraries in communities, schools, and campuses in every corner of Wyoming. The partnership program will include the development of a public-facing digital advocacy and outreach campaign, training and support for library leaders on communications and partnerships, and new systems of support for association policy and funding priorities. 

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“Our goal with this partnership program is to improve the future political power and standing of all Wyoming libraries in the eyes of the public, our donors, and elected officials,” says Conrrado Saldivar, President of the Wyoming Library Association. “Wyoming libraries are uniquely positioned to help people from all walks of life succeed. The core of our new partnership will be to update and expand the public’s perception of libraries and librarians by telling stories of how library workers support thriving communities, schools, and campuses.” The Wyoming Library Association represents 171 members from across the state in every county. 

EveryLibrary brings its unique experience and expertise in advocacy and political action to support WLA’s statewide and local goals. ”EveryLibrary is excited to work closely with Wyoming Library Association leadership to develop and deploy a targeted, results-focused outreach and marketing plan.” says John Chrastka, Executive Director of EveryLibrary. “Our goal is to reach and activate 5% of Wyoming residents to become registered advocates for libraries.” Through educational and informational efforts, the plan is to mobilize this segment of the population to take substantive actions as either activists, donors, or volunteers.

From pandemic response to the fight for intellectual freedom, Wyoming libraries have supported resilient communities, schools, and campuses. This partnership program will leverage the excellent reputation of Wyoming libraries to advance a collective policy and funding agenda in local, state, and even federal settings. EveryLibrary will identify, cultivate, and empower supporters, using its proven direct action and digital engagement skills. Our hope is to build new infrastructure to positively influence the funding ecosystem for years to come. 

About the Wyoming Library Association (WLA)

The Wyoming Library Association serves as the collective voice and advocate for the advancement of Wyoming libraries. WLA’s training programs educate the library community and users about contemporary library services, issues, and technology. We are aligned to promote the profession of librarianship and participation of Wyoming libraries in regional, national, and global library arenas. 


About EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute

EveryLibrary, the first nationwide political action committee for libraries, and the EveryLibrary Institute, a public policy, and tax policy think tank for libraries, are companion organizations focused on the funding future for libraries and library work. Since 2012, EveryLibrary has helped121 library communities in the United States with ballot measures for funding, operations, and buildings, winning more than 85% and securing over $392 million in funding on Election Days. EveryLibrary runs the SaveSchoolLibrarians.org initiative, a digital advocacy site focused on preserving budgets and positions for school libraries. The EveryLibrary Institute produces original research and high-quality training programs focused on stabilizing and extending library funding.