Win that Keeps the Library Open in Potomac, IL!

We're so happy to report that the vote to keep the library in Potomac, IL. open passed!

We're so happy to report that the vote to keep the library in Potomac, IL. open passed!

EveryLibrary worked with the Vote Yes Committee there for several months in preparation for Election Day.  The ballot question was about the basics: keeping the doors open and the lights on at library. With a 64% yes vote in town and a 53% yes vote in the new part of the district, we are thrilled that this little library will now have stable taxpayer funding to do its job right!

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Potomac is a town of 646 people, and the new service area will cover the school district (about 1,200 people total). With this win they will set up the new library district and have about $30,000 a year in funding. The reason they went to the ballot is a more and more common story around the country. The town could no longer afford the library and - without a Yes vote - would close. It is exactly the kind of library campaign EveryLibrary exists to support.

Because of our donors we were able to do three important things that helped the local library team run an engaged and effective campaign:

  1. EveryLibrary 'bundled up' donations from around the country and sent the local "Vote Yes to Save the Potomac Library Committee" a check that helped them buy everything from yard signs to voter education brochures to pizza for their volunteers.
  2. EveryLibrary staff visited the town to work with Vote Yes Committee to help them set up and run the campaign. We really loved working with Sharita Forest and her amazing neighbors.
  3. Because we'd been there, we knew these folks and could work with them every week or two as the campaign progressed. Having us and our extensive experience on hand to answer questions, build up their social media skills, and anticipate problems meant a more effective campaign.

This kind of high-touch work makes for high-impact results. EveryLibrary doesn't create tool kits. We work in person with the staff and boards for all our libraries, and with the Yes Committees who are in small towns and big cities across the country. Potomac is our 76th campaign and our 57th win. Their $30,000 in library funding is a relatively small part of the $255 million we have helped libraries win across the country. But it is 100% of the reason that this town and school district now a stable, funded library open for everyone.

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We are grateful that the library leaders in Potomac wanted to bring us in to help. We are proud of their work leading up to the March 20th Election Day. And we are excited to watch them put this new funding to work for everyone in town. Thank you for your support of our work. We could not do any of this without our donors. Our next library Election Day is April 3rd in Ferguson, MO. If you believe that this kind of work is important, please donate today.