What Happened in Macedon?

Last week hundreds of library supporters signed the petition to fully fund the Macedon Public Library when the Town Board was unwilling to fund the library.

These signatures from all over the country go a long way to support libraries wherever they are threatened and this petition was no different. While the town wasn’t willing to fully fund the library at the requested amount, the Town Board did agree to slightly increase the allocated funding due, in large part, to the outcry of support and action! In fact, the Town Board would have funded the library at the requested 5% ($10,000) but due to just one board member's firm stance against the increase, they remained fixed at 3%.

It costs less than a cup of coffee to support petitions like these and libraries across the country!

When we started this petition, the town board was only willing to fund the library at a 2% increase which would not have covered the current budget deficit or the increasing cost of funding the library next year. The library requested a 5% increase totaling just $10,000. This increase would have let the library keep staff, programming, collections, and services that are so needed in this small town. Without it, the library would be subject to cuts.

After our petition, and with so many concerned citizens showing up to speak on the library’s behalf at the town meeting, the Town Board agreed to fund the library with a 3% increase instead of a 2% increase. This amounts to $2,000 more in funding for next year that you helped achieve.

I wanted to thank you for your support and let you know that you did help make a small, but important, difference for this town library. Thank you so much.

Patrick "PC" Sweeney
Political Director

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