Vote for Question 1 and School Libraries in Utah

The Utah Library Association and EveryLibrary invite you to take the Pledge to Vote For Question #1 this November. Question #1 is an important and necessary proposal to increase school library funding in Utah through a new motor fuel tax. If it passes, 70% of the funding will go directly to improve education in local school districts.

School Library Media Specialists are named in the proposal, and that is why we are endorsing Question #1. If it passes, Question #1 will do three big things: 1) fix the funding disparities for small schools while enhancing the quality of every school; 2) empower school librarians to create and sustain effective school library programs for students across Utah; and 3) create for better student outcomes at all ages and abilities. The Utah Library Association is supporting Question #1 in November because the funding for schools in Utah needs to be fixed, and without that fix school libraries programs will continue to suffer.

Take the "Pledge to Vote For Question #1 - Utah" Today!

It is time for Utah library lovers and school library stakeholders to help fix the funding for every school in the state, and to improve the way that school library media specialists can do their unique and high-impact work with all of Utah’s students. If you believe in a future where every student has access to a school library, and the school librarians have what they need to make it effective and high-impact their students, you are exactly the kind of library stakeholder we need to step up and help make this new opportunity happen. I am very proud of our partnerships with ULA - and many other state library associations - and I’m thrilled that EveryLibrary can host ULA’s statewide outreach to the public about Question #1. Please take the next step to find out more about Pledging to Vote For Question #1 for the future of school funding in Utah.