Two Big Wins for Libraries. Thanks to Your Support of EveryLibrary

This has been an outstanding week for libraries. We were able to win two major fights for libraries and ensure that community members were not denied access to their local library systems.

You might remember the Christian County Campaign because we alerted you to the illegal tactics used by the opposition. Many of you responded with your donations to help us fight back and that support allowed us to spend over $500 of your donations on educating the local voters about the importance of libraries and setting the record straight against that untruthful flyer that was illegally put in area mailboxes. Through the support of many of our previous individual donors and through the ongoing support of our vendor donors we were also able to provide pro-bono political consulting to the local campaign committee about how best to win their campaign.

Katy Pattison, Assistant Director in Christian County had this to say; "EveryLibrary helped us to create a message that resonated with our conservative community, and during the height of our campaign when we started to see some opposition take shape, it was comforting to know we had an expert in library campaigns that we could reach out to anytime."

Just $5-10 a month ensures that we can continue our work

In Mary Esther, Florida where the city council was considering closing the local library, we were able to fight back thanks to your donations. Your financial support allowed us to spend hundreds of dollars on an organized digital campaign to help ensure that we educated the local community members about how important the library was to the community of Mary Esther and to garner more signatures to support the library. Here you can read the letter from the Friends of the Mary Esther Library thanking you and EveryLibrary for your support.

These won’t be our last fights against library closures. We would love to help anytime a library is threatened across the country. That’s why I’m going to ask you to make a donation today to help us continue this important work. I’m asking you to simply start a $1, $3, or $5 monthly contribution or make a one-time donation here.

A donation of $25-50 funds our political actions for libraries