Three Wins for Illinois Libraries - March 2020

As a national political action committee, EveryLibrary is uniquely positioned in the library advocacy ecosystem to help guide library staff and boards and the local Vote Yes committee to Election Day wins.

We are thrilled to share that all three libraries that EveryLibrary supported on the March 17th ballot in Illinois passed their referendum.

Your donations are what allows us to keep supporting libraries at the ballot box. In fact, every dollar we raise helps us secure over $1,600 for libraries.

The Gail Borden Public Library District in Elgin and the New Lenox Public Library both asked voters for new operating funds as their respective building bonds expired. Both libraries need additional funding for their programs, services, collections, and staffing to best serve their communities. The Riverside Public Library asked voters to approve a $1.5 million bond to a much-needed renovation project. This project will improve the space dramatically and is an investment in the heart of their downtown. 

On a personal note, while I love working with each of our library campaigns, we did have an asterisk on the Riverside campaign. They are technically EveryLibrary's hometown library. Our PO Box is in Riverside, IL. While we are incredibly invested in all our campaigns it would have been awkward to visit Postman Dan next time I picked up the mail if they had lost. 

EveryLibrary’s mission is to “build voter support for libraries”. That's more important than ever at this time of national crisis. Our support for library campaigns has been at the heart of our work since the beginning. Even as we have grown to work with school librarians in crisis, advocate for our state association partners’ agendas and create a national advocacy network for libraries, Election Day is still at the core. Since 2012 we have helped 114 libraries on the ballot, have an 85% win rate, and have secured over $1.8 billion in stable funding for libraries.

You can help us continue our work into the future with a $1, $3, or $5 monthly donation.

We do all of this work – for the library itself and the local Yes Committee – 100% for free and pro-bono. Our donors make this possible. Without donors powering our work, we could not support these libraries - or any library. With our donor network, we can help any library who needs help on their Election Day - because every library matters in its community. If you think this is important, please join us and donate today. We have another dozen libraries on the ballot around the country this year who need help, support, and encouragement.

Thanks for the chance to do that for them now.

Be well,

John Chrastka
Executive Director

P.S. If you want to send a donation by check we're at PO Box 406, Riverside, IL. 60546. I'll tell Dan you said hi. 

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