Three Top 10 Stories of 2021

Publishers Weekly released their 2021 "Top Ten Library Stories" of the year, and we're proud to note that EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute are directly involved in three. 

It's a testimony, we think, to our work across the whole of the library ecosystem that PW chose to highlight our involvement in diverse issues like the politically-motivated censorship of books in libraries, our long-term support for the campaign to restore school librarians to every school in D.C., and ELI's support for the Freckle Project surveys of American reading habits in the pandemic. The breadth of our library advocacy and activism is significant for a relatively small organization, but the impacts we focus on are all directed to building political power for libraries and securing a more stable funding future for librarians and library workers.

You can read the whole story at Publishers Weekly for free.

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