Sign Your Library Up for National Voter Registration Day 2018

EveryLibrary is proud to continue our dedication to National Voter Registration Day in 2018. Every year since 2012, National Voter Registration Day has served as a critical tool in adding valuable voices to our political discourse through voter registration at libraries.

We hope that your library can join us in the crusade against low voter turnout on September 25th by signing your library up for National Voter Registration Day as a location where your community members can register to vote. Over the past three years, we have assisted over 500 libraries across America to become part of this non-partisan voter registration drive. If you have worked with us in the past, you know how dedicated we are to what we do.

This initiative is no different. We view voting and voter registration as a hallmark of American society, on par with libraries and the post office. National Voter Registration Day is a free program from Non-Profit Vote. Sign up here to take part in it today. You can sign up here to be a partner with us. As a partner, you will be sent all of the supplies you need to stage an effective and efficient voter registration drive in your community on September 25th!

You’ll also get access to training and support for the day of the event. Your library will join hundreds of other libraries and organizations already dedicated to increasing voter turnout. Already, National Voter Registration Day is supported by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and BET to name a few of the prestigious and steadfast supporters of political participation. The goal for 2018 is to register over 300,000 individual voters and we know that with the help of libraries across the country, this goal can be met.

Once you have joined the cause, you can sit in on a webinar titled, “Planning for National Voter Registration Day”, on August 16th, to get all of the important information for your library to have the most successful NVRD as possible!