Tired of book bans? Run for something!

We need people like you, who care about libraries, to run for office!

Running for office may be the only way out of book bans

In the last three years we’ve seen local legislators and government officials attack libraries. 


If you're tired of book bans, join this webinar to see how you can run for office in your community


In some cases, the elected local council or school board bans books or attempts to defund the library directly. 

In other cases, elected officials are appointing political activists to library boards and attempting to defund the library through its own governing boards.

In some states, elected legislators are enacting legislation to ban books statewide or defund all of the libraries in the state with one piece of legislation. 

Ultimately it's the elected officials who are the key decision makers.

That means that the only long term solution is to elect people who care about libraries.

But we can only do that if people who care about libraries choose to run for office


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That's why we're working with RunForSomething.org to help people like you make the choice to run for office and help protect your library by fighting against book bans.

Run For Something can help you every step of the way. Here is how they support candidates:

Since launching on Inauguration Day 2017, Run for Something has recruited over 130,000 young, diverse, progressives to run for state and local office. In their first seven years, they endorsed over 2,800 candidates, won over 1,000 elections across the country, and changed what leadership looks like in America. Of Run for Something's endorsees:

  • 50% are women
  • 22% are LBGTQIA+
  • 49% are people of color

and every single candidate is also under the age of 40.

By lowering every possible barrier of entry into the world of electoral politics, Run for Something helps young leaders jump into public service knowing that support and access to resources are simply a call away. RFS works with local, state, and national partners to find potential candidates and support them.

Run for Something helps people who care about their communities identify how to get on the ballot and what to do once they’re on it. From pre-filing all the way through Election Day, they work with candidates to provide institutional, tactical, and operational support, no matter where in the campaign cycle they’re at. No other group does this kind of in-depth work with this many first-time candidates in these kinds of local races.

Here is where you can sign up to learn how to run for office in your community!