It's People Like You

We are very proud that EveryLibrary can partner with people like you to fight for libraries across the country.

In Louisiana, an amazing group of library activists across several Parishes worked tirelessly to lobby the legislature to defeat six anti-library bills this session.

In Alabama, over 4,000 people answered the call of the Alabama Library Association and Read Freely to make public comments opposing new rules for libraries that would limit access and decrease the diversity of library collections.

In Idaho, ILA and local Library Alliances fought hard against one of the worst bills anywhere this session.

In New Jersey and Nevada, local campaigners fought to keep books on the library shelves and won.

It is not luck or fortune protecting libraries and their users from censorship and discrimination.

It is these good librarians and advocates who show up and do the work. 

We are very proud that EveryLibrary was a partner to all of them and that we're a partner to dozens more.


A monthly donation of just $3 gives us the power we need to keep winning.


We powered their digital advocacy campaigns and helped them craft smart strategies that identified new activists, built new coalitions, raised the funds they needed, and empowered new voices to speak up.

Their dedication, tenacity, and integrity inspire me and my EveryLibrary colleagues daily.

But it is your support as a donor that sustains us. 

We could not have engaged in these legislative fights without the funding to support multiple online petitions, pro-bono consulting, digital tools, and direct actions. 

Without your support, we could not be the partner these communities needed to defend their libraries.

Please consider starting a monthly donation of just $3 today!

That's less than the cost of a cup of coffee.