Our April 2019 Library Campaigns

EveryLibrary is proud to support four public libraries on their April 2019 Election Days.

EveryLibrary is proud to support four public libraries on their April 2019 Election Days.

When we work with a library leadership team - the staff, director, and the board - it includes helping them create their Informational Communications Campaign messaging and approach, and help to build the local coalition for the library. The library itself is unable to promote a Yes vote (or No vote) for the library. So we help them create effective and engaging communications focused on the plan for the library. There is always a "Plan A" and a "Plan B" when we work with a library. Plan A is what happens in the community if the measure passes. Plan B is what happens if the ballot measure fails. It's up to the voters to decide, and we never encourage the library to stray into advocacy. But with clear Plans, they don't need to.

April 2019 Library Campaigns

DeSoto (MO) Public Library
The library is asking voters to approve a levy increase of $0.18 cents to support operations, collection development, and staffing for their community.

Palatine (IL) Public Library 
This referendum asks voters to approve a limiting rate increase on the Library’s property tax levy of 0.075. This amount will provide for all of the Library’s financial needs through 2035.

River Grove (IL) Public Library
The library is asking voters to approve a Bond to purchase the building and property of the recently closed St. Cyprian school to repurpose it for a larger, more modern facility including a Library/Technology Center, the Historical Society Museum, a recreation/fitness facility, outdoor playground, and a banquet/community meeting hall.

Talcott Free Library in Rockton, IL
The library is asking to raise its "limiting rate" from .2149 to .288 to complete building renovations started in 2007 and to stabilize the library's operating budget for another 10+ years.

When we support a local Vote Yes for the Library Committee, we do it in two important ways. First off, we “bundle up” small donations from across the country to make larger donations to the local campaign. This helps the local Vote YES committee to buy the yard signs, social media ads, and outreach materials they need to reach across their communities. We also help them create their Vote Yes messages and to use smart voter data to do effective Get Out the Vote work. These are all-volunteer groups of neighbors working to campaign for their hometown libraries. We want to help them reach voters efficiently and effectively. And most importantly, we can do all of this library campaign consulting for free and pro-bono because of our donors' support.

We started working with some of these April 2019 libraries over 2 years ago. Their hope for their communities is strong, and their Plans are good. We're proud to be in their corner come Election Day. We are grateful to our donors for making that possible. If you believe like we do that any library ballot measure anywhere should matter to every library advocate everywhere, please donate today. A monthly contribution of $5 or $10 a month allows us to gear up for 2020 library campaigns.

Thanks for helping us to make this happen.


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