On the Ballot in November and December

EveryLibrary is the only national organization working with libraries when they are on the ballot. Learn more about our November and December 2021 campaigns today.

All around the country, libraries are seeking critical funding and assistance so they can continue to serve the people who need their services. EveryLibrary is dedicated to building voter support for libraries in November and December 2021.

Local libraries across the country are seeking critical funding through local ballot initiatives so they can continue to serve the people who need their services. 


Your donations ensure that we can continue to provide pro-bono support to libraries at the ballot box!

This work is critical because library campaigns are not run by high-powered and experienced political operatives. They are put together by local citizens who want to see that their community has access to this critical resource. 

That's why we've provided pro-bono support to over 120 libraries on the ballot and helped secure over $330 million annually for operations, collections, services, and staffing along with innovative building projects and new libraries since our founding in 2012.

This year is no different. Here is a roundup of important library campaigns that EveryLibrary is working on in November and December 2021:

  • Central Arkansas Library System, AR. - This library system serves Little Rock and two surrounding counties. They are seeking new funding to cover increased operating costs, thus allowing the library to service the fastest growing community in Arkansas and operationalize their Library, Rewritten plan strategic initiatives. 

  • New Orleans Public Library, LA. - Voters are being asked to decide on a millage package that will allow the public library to continue fulfilling its mission of transforming lives, enriching neighborhoods, and preserving history by offering safe and welcoming spaces and providing free, educational, informational, and recreational resources, programs, and activities for all ages. If the proposition fails, the library will face a 50% funding cut resulting in the possibility of reduced locations, operating hours, and significantly decreased collections, programs, and technology budgets. This Election Day was moved to December 13 due to the impact of Hurricane Ida on New Orleans. 

  • Portage County District Library, OH. - The Portage County District Library is facing its 12th attempt to establish a new stable local library levy. This library is one of about 30 libraries in the state that are funded by state aid only. The local option levy would allow the library to significantly expand its work across the county and enhance its collections, services, and programs to meet community interests. 

  • Saint Clairsville Public Library, OH. - In 2017, EveryLibrary assisted the Saint Clairsville Public Library to establish its first local option operating levy - and that levy is expiring next year. Levy support is a supplement to state funding and ensures valuable services remain available to the community. The levy represents 30% of the library's basic funding. If this measure fails in November, the library will have to rely on state aid that was diminished during COVID.

  • Southington Public Library, CT.The Southington Public Library is seeking a $16.9 million bond for a new library building. The old building is not ADA compliant and contains asbestos. If the funding is passed, it will be a wonderful investment that benefits the entire community.


We are able to help libraries raise over $1,600 in stable local funding for every dollar we raise. Please consider a $10-$25 donation today!

EveryLibrary helps libraries close budget shortfalls, end budgetary problems, prevent layoffs and obtain funding increases for critical programs. "Our donors have come together to embrace our vision that any library funding opportunity - or challenge - anywhere should matter to every library everywhere," reported John Chrastka, Executive Director of EveryLibrary. "All of our work for and with libraries is always pro-bono and for free. It’s the right approach and our donors have supported us as we support libraries.”