Notable in 2023 - Thanks to Publisher's Weekly for Recognizing Our Work for Libraries

Publishers Weekly announced their 2023 Notables list of individuals and organizations who made a difference for libraries this year. It is wonderful to share that John Chrastka, the founder and executive director of EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute, was recognized as a notable library leader.

In the face of escalating book bans and political challenges targeting libraries, EveryLibrary has proven to be a vital ally for the library community. 2023 has seen unprecedented attacks on libraries, with some states even attempting to criminalize library work over content disputes. EveryLibrary (501c4), established in 2012, is the only political action committee solely dedicated to library support, and the EveryLibrary Institute (501c3), established in 2018, is a public policy think tank for libraries. Both EveryLibrary and the EveryLibrary Institute, along with the Fight for the First initiative which supports around 80 local grassroots campaigns defending libraries, are making a significant difference fighting against discriminatory book bans, and promoting the freedom to read. 

"[I]n the teeth of unprecedented efforts in some states to criminalize library work and defund libraries over allegedly obscene books, Chrastka’s political savvy and EveryLibrary’s organizational and campaign skills have never been needed more." 
- Publishers Weekly, December 2023

As Chrastka notes in the PW story, EveryLibrary's success is a team effort. From his cofounders Patrick "PC" Sweeney and Erica Findley to donors, vendors, and philanthropic funders who support the work, it takes a village to defend libraries and reading freedoms. With the Fight for the First initiative, EveryLibrary has been able to support local campaigns across the country to keep libraries safe and accessible for all.

Reflecting on the current state of censorship and the challenges ahead, Chrastka remains committed and motivated. He knows that the work he and his team are doing is more important than ever, and he's grateful for the support of those who share his vision. As we celebrate this well-deserved recognition of John Chrastka, let's take a moment to reaffirm our commitment to the crucial mission of EveryLibrary. By standing together, we can ensure that libraries remain a vital part of our communities for generations to come.