Meet our Interns!

Meet our Fall 2020 Interns and Volunteers!

Jenna Boller

School: St. Johns University Law School

I am a second-year student at the City College of New York where I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in Legal Studies. I love learning about the law, politics, and history and enjoy writing as well. I am interning with EveryLibrary an Administrative Assistant Intern and am enjoying the opportunity to gain experience in the public advocacy and funding world as well as being a voice for libraries across the country!

Sarah Szesol

School: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Sarah Szeszol is a Chicago based illustrator, graphic novelist, storyboard artist, and graphic designer. She has also performed as an opera singer in shows such as "The Magic Flute," "Die Fledermaus," and "West Side Story." 

Currently, she works as a teen librarian at the River Grove Public Library while pursuing a master's degree in information library sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Benedicta Ayitey

School: Bronx Community College/CUNY

I love listening to music. I joined EveryLibrary because I want to expand my critical thinking skills and experience other fields besides the ones I know. 

Mariana Cheung

School: San Jose State University

Hi! My name is Marina, and I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Library and Information Science at San Jose State University. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, making SJSU an obvious choice for me when choosing a graduate school. I graduated from UCLA in 2013 with a B.A. in East Asian Studies and Linguistics (concentration in Japanese).

After 5 years of working at a fintech startup in Silicon Valley, I wanted to shift my focus on achieving a degree that would allow me to serve and give back to my community. With all the events happening recently, I think the library and information field will be needed more than ever. 

Kati Szeker

School: San Jose State University

Kati loves exercising, hiking, and practicing guided meditations. Her favorite past time activity is going to museums, galleries, and concerts and discovering new neighborhoods, bookstores, and small restaurants. In her free time, Kati enjoys visiting museums, galleries, and botanical gardens.




Tiffany Wilson

School: San Jose State University

My name is Tiffany Wilson. My current role is I am a second-year MLIS student at San José University. My goal is to expand my knowledge of how to promote the importance of libraries to the public. I have a current 3.935 GPA. My other goal is to help Every Library reach more people to help support libraries.

I have previous experience volunteering in public libraries. I also was in charge of helping the Pacific Grove Public Library help to reorganize the entire adult library section according to the Dewey Decimal System. I organized the books beginning from the top to the bottom of the bookshelf. Per the librarian's request, I began from the bottom and reorganized the collection in reverse! I am also bilingual in English and Spanish.