Make this Independence Day Meaningful! Fight for the First Amendment

Send the pledge to fight for the First Amendment to your federal representatives and ask them to sign on today!

The attack on libraries and librarians has reached a fever pitch in the United States.

We need our elected leaders to stand up against book bans!



Send the pledge to your elected leaders to ask them to fight for the First Amendment.


States, schools, and municipalities across the country are banning books and limiting access to information. Some states want to arrest librarians just for doing their jobs.

This amounts to an unprecedented attack on our constitutional right to free speech. 

We must fight back. 

With your help, EveryLibrary has been leading the way to educate, inform, and train local activists to stand up for their rights and fight on behalf of their local and school libraries and librarians. 

But now, with Independence Day on the horizon, we must demand that our elected officials stand with us and pledge to vote against any current and future legislation that would chip away at our First Amendment rights. 

The pledge is simple and straightforward and we are asking members of the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, state and local elected officials to sign on and show their support for our beleaguered libraries and librarians. 

Today we ask for YOUR help in asking these elected officials to take a stand. Send this pledge to your federal representatives and ask them to sign on today!

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