A Loss in Jacksonville, FL.

We had a loss yesterday in Jacksonville FL.  The ‘Save Jax Libraries‘ committee was working on an advisory referendum to make the library an independent taxing district after years of city/county budget cuts.  

It failed yesterday by 3/10th of one percent. When we put in a $1,000 donation about 10 days ago for social media advertising, they were polling at -6%.  And they didn’t have an ad/outreach campaign. We helped them plan their strategy like we’ve done in several other campaigns and your contributions were the ‘fuel in the tank’ to reach neighbors and voters across the city and county.  I heard from their coordinator this morning and she said we helped close the gap. But we didn’t make it all the way to a win. With a short window before Election Day, they needed either more days or more dollars to reach voters. As the next steps in their local advocacy start to come together, we remain committed to a properly funded library system in Jacksonville and will work to support them.  If there is another run at creating an independent library district in the future, we’re there as well.  With your support.