Library Watch Party 2014

Join EveryLibrary across social media for a Library Watch Party on Tuesday, November 4th from 'polls-close' till the wee hours of the morning as we report on dozens of library elections - including 8 we helped support - as well as other races up and down the ballot from around the country.

We're a non-partisan and pro-library PAC, so we know that election affect library funding from the zip code level to the highest levels of state and federal government. Join the conversation with #librarywatchparty.  You'll get extra internet points for any selfies with an EveryLibrary #koozies.

We tweet @everylibrary

We are

We are

When our board members tweet/post from their personal accounts, we're happy they are exercising their rights but their opinions on candidates and elected officials are not the position of EveryLibrary.

Thanks for your support, donations, encouragement, and help Making it Happen this election season.  We're already gearing up for 2015 races and have started work with several library communities anticipating 2016 campaigns.  We could not have done any of it without you.