Library News Rodeo March 27, 2019

Campaign Updates

Save IMLS 2019 - Week 2

It's easy to be cynical about politics and think that the President’s proposed elimination of all federal funding for libraries and museums doesn’t really matter.

That Congress won’t let him get away with it. But if we are ever going to change the conversation about library funding from a “Save” campaign to what it should be, there has to be a bigger level of public engagement and support. Please send your own message to Congress about this ridiculous proposed cut - and then share the call-to-action widely across your networks. It's how to build new outcomes for libraries over the long haul.

Show your support for reinstatement of IMLS and IAL in the budget by adding a badge to your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter!

Help Florida School Librarians - Legislative Day 2019

We’re proud to support Florida school librarians this week as they head to Tallahassee for their 2019 Legislative Day. There are some critical issues about school libraries and librarians in the Florida Legislature that every education stakeholder needs to pay attention to. We’ve made it easy for you to help at

Pennsylvania Needs School Libraries - Sign the Petition

On February 20, Rep. Mark Longietti (D, serving part of Mercer County) and Rep. Thomas Murt (R, serving parts of serving Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties) proposed a new House bill that would ensure a certified school librarian in every public school. On February 25, Sen. John Blake (D- serving Lackawanna, and parts of Luzerne and Monroe Counties) proposed a complementary bill in the Senate. At this time, the bills have not yet been numbered. However, this period is a critical time when co-sponsors are being sought to sign the bills in both chambers.

Three School Libraries Bills in Michigan - Send an Email

The Michigan Association for Media in Education (MAME), the state association for school librarians, needs your help in passing three bills that would go a long way to restoring school librarians to each and every school in the state. Please join us in sending a message to the state House Education Reform Committee to move HB 4392, HB 4393, and HB 4394 to the full House today because our students deserve access to their school libraries.


Promoting Library Card Sign-up Month (from inside and outside the library) - Free webinar on May 8 at 2pm EDT.

Why is it so important to get people to sign up for library cards? How do you do it if you’re a small library with limited resources or a large library system that’s already tried everything? Join EveryLibrary and LibraryAware for an interactive, practical, and actionable webinar about new and innovative ways to reach non-users. In this free webinar, you’ll learn about ways you can use marketing and awareness-building resources—along with the most effective techniques from political or issue campaigns—to make this year’s (and every year’s) Library Card Sign-up Month interactive, engaging, and successful. Please RSVP.

Telling Your Library Story for Community Impact, Advocacy, and Action – Class April 16 to May 13

EveryLibrary will be a key part of the InfoPeople course “Telling Your Library Story…” this April 16 – May 13. instructor Rance Greene, Founder of, will teach library leaders a method for engaging communities called Story Design. In it, you’ll learn to recognize the components of an effective story, set up a value proposition of your library’s services in story form, define what engages your audience, and develop relatable characters for your audience.

Design Institute by Library Journal – May 3rd, 2019

If your library is considering a design project, a new building, or just a refresh, the Library Journal Design Institute on May 3rd in Columbia, SC. is a must-do. Join EveryLibrary’s executive director John Chrastka for a session on Funding your idea along with several amazing designers, architects, and solutions providers for sessions and small group workshops. See you at the wonderful Richland Library!

FLA “Public Library Academy” – Pre-Conference, May 14th

John will be presenting this year’s Florida Library Association “Public Library Academy” Pre-conference on May 14th in Orlando at #FLA19. He will focus on coalitions and partnerships that go beyond programs to help you secure – or extend – funding for the library. This is a free 3-hour pre-conference but does require registration. See you at FLA!

Upcoming Events

EveryLibrary Sring Open House

The role of a library in a community cannot be overstated. That's why we are asking you to join us at our Spring Open House to find out more about how you can get involved and join the movement for American libraries so they can continue to serve their communities and grow to do even more.

Neat Stuff Libraries and Librarians Do

Beyond Books: The library system has much to offer and invites you to stay awhile

Years ago I was doing a radio interview and talking about all the great things at the library. Every time I mentioned another program or service or collection, the host was gobsmacked. “No matter where a person is in their life, you really do have something for them,” she said. That’s still true. - James Hill, Director at Chillicothe and Ross County Public Library

Libraries Remove Fees to Increase Use

Jackson County Library Services (JCLS) has an ambitious goal to increase the number of Jackson County residents who have a library card to 75% by 2023. To make the Library more accessible to County residents, the Jackson County Library District has approved a new Circulation Policy and Fee Schedule.