Library News Rodeo March 18, 2019

President Trumps FY2020 Budget is targeting the only federal library programs for complete elimination.


President Trumps FY2020 Budget is targeting the only federal library programs for complete elimination.  

Again. This is the third year that our president has called for the total shutdown of the Institute of Museum and Library Services. It is the third year that reasonable and right-minded library advocates have to rally against his proposed cuts. We are tired of it all. But libraries, museums, and archives are too important to every American not to stand up in the face of this bad budget proposal and fight back. Join us and thousands of other Americans and tell Congress “NO” to this bad budget proposal. Send your message today to ensure that the House and Senate do their jobs and fund libraries, museums, and archives.

Campaign Updates

Pennsylvania Needs School Libraries – Petition
On February 20, Rep. Mark Longietti (D, serving part of Mercer County) and Rep. Thomas Murt (R, serving parts of serving Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties) proposed a new House bill that would ensure a certified school librarian in every public school. On February 25, Sen. John Blake (D- serving Lackawanna, and parts of Luzerne and Monroe Counties) proposed a complementary bill in the Senate. At this time, the bills have not yet been numbered. However, this period is a critical time when co-sponsors are being sought to sign the bills in both chambers.

News & Trends

Why is the Largest Classroom in the School Empty? (video)
EveryLibrary’s John Chrastka and Kafi Kumasi, a board member for the EveryLibrary Institute, join  Allison Mackley and Azadeh Jamalian discuss the role of school librarians and effective school library programs integrated into federal education policy at the South by Southwest EDU conference.


“Before the Ballot” - Free webinar archive
The State Library of Colorado hosted an EveryLibrary webinar last week for public libraries considering a ballot measure or an Election Day. You can view the archive of "Before the Ballot: How to Prepare for an Election" courtesy of the state library. The webinar covers recent voter attitude data and offers practical timelines to prepare library boards and staff for a campaign.

Telling Your Library Story for Community Impact, Advocacy, and Action – Class April 16 to May 13
EveryLibrary will be a key part of the InfoPeople course “Telling Your Library Story…” this April 16 – May 13. instructor Rance Greene, Founder of, will teach library leaders a method for engaging communities called Story Design. In it, you’ll learn to recognize the components of an effective story, set up a value proposition of your library’s services in story form, define what engages your audience, and develop relatable characters for your audience. EveryLibrary’s John Chrastka will join the class for a workshop and drop-in session specifically on advocacy.

Design Institute by Library Journal – May 3rd, 2019
If your library is considering a design project, a new building, or just a refresh, the Library Journal Design Institute on May 3rd in Columbia, SC. is a must-do. Join EveryLibrary’s executive director John Chrastka for a session on Funding your idea along with several amazing designers, architects, and solutions providers for sessions and small group workshops. See you at the wonderful Richland Library!

FLA “Public Library Academy” - Pre-Conference, May 14th
John will be presenting this year's Florida Library Association "Public Library Academy" Pre-conference on May 14th in Orlando at #FLA19. He will focus on coalitions and partnerships that go beyond programs to help you secure - or extend - funding for the library. This is a free 3-hour pre-conference but does require registration. See you at FLA!

Neat Stuff Librarians and Libraries do

ACC Libraries first annual Holi Indian Cultural Celebration
Kids throw traditional colored powders during the Athens-Clarke County Libraries first annual Holi Indian Cultural celebration in Athens, Ga., Saturday, March 16, 2019. The throwing of the colored powder is part of Holi and is done in celebration of Springtime and the Triumph of good over evil.

Union County Public Libraries share history of branches
Michael O’Connell, executive director of the Union County Public Library System, started doing research into the history of libraries in Union County shortly after he got the job last fall.
Since then, he’s been going to events and civic clubs to share what he's learned.

Beyond Books: The library system has much to offer and invites you to stay awhile
You can share a good book or movie, create a memory, have fun, participate in democracy, attend a meeting, try yoga, chat and listen, share and explore. The library is whatever you need it to be.