Library News Rodeo April 2, 2019

In his FY 2020 budget, the president used the word "Elimination" 59 specific times about programs like the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Campaign Updates

Save IMLS 2019- Week 3

In his FY 2020 budget, the president used the word "Elimination" 59 specific times about programs like the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

His budget includes all sorts of small-government fantasies and would destroy the fabric of our society and our communities. We fundamentally don't understand why. Libraries, museums, arts, humanities, public broadcasting are all at the core of what makes our communities more interesting, thriving, and prosperous. That’s why, if you haven’t already done so, we are urging you to contact Congress and stop these terrible cuts before any of it takes hold.

Show your support for reinstatement of IMLS and IAL in the budget by adding a badge to your profile picture on Facebook and Twitter!

EveryLibrary Open House

Join us on April 11th from 730pm to 930pm for our Open House in our Brooklyn office. The night will be filled with drinks, food and library advocacy!

We will also be debuting a brand new app that will revolutionize how you deal with your spare change. Make sure to RSVP so we can have a beverage chilling for you.

Local Spotlight (please take action on these campaigns)

El Paso Texas Schools Need Their Librarians

In the El Paso Independent School District, only 44% of students in grade 3-12 are reading at, or above, grade level. This disheartening crisis in our school district will only be aggravated with the school board’s proposed cuts to school library funding through a realignment. Please sign the petition today to fight against these cuts.

Every Child in Philadelphia Deserves a School Librarian

Currently, only seven of 214 Philadelphia public schools have functioning libraries with certified teacher librarians. This a dramatic decrease from 80 librarians just 10 years ago. This quiet destruction of one the largest classrooms in schools has contributed to the need for charity and volunteers to help our students to read. Without school librarians, our students just don’t have the same opportunities to succeed later in life. Please sign the petition today!

News and Trends

The Public” premiers on April 5th

Emilio Esteves’ new film “The Public” opens widely this week. It tells the true to life story of a librarian named Stuart Goodson (Esteves) who allows people experiencing homelessness to stay in the library during the storm after one person died in the freezing temperatures outside of the library. Our own Oleg Kagan reviewed the movie when it premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and said “...I am pleased to say that the public was clearly conceived with a love and understanding of libraries as a space both physical and symbolic. Furthermore, the story, which is entertaining, thought-provoking, funny, and poignant, is also very timely.”


Promoting Library Card Sign-up Month (from inside and outside the library) – Free webinar on May 8 at 2pm EDT

Why is it so important to get people to sign up for library cards? How do you do it if you’re a small library with limited resources or a large library system that’s already tried everything? Join EveryLibrary and LibraryAware for an interactive, practical, and actionable webinar about new and innovative ways to reach non-users. In this free webinar, you’ll learn about ways you can use marketing and awareness-building resources—along with the most effective techniques from political or issue campaigns—to make this year’s (and every year’s) Library Card Sign-up Month interactive, engaging, and successful. Please RSVP.

Design Institute by Library Journal – May 3rd, 2019

If your library is considering a design project, a new building, or just a refresh, the Library Journal Design Institute on May 3rd in Columbia, SC. is a must-do. Join EveryLibrary’s executive director John Chrastka for a session on Funding your idea along with several amazing designers, architects, and solutions providers for sessions and small group workshops. See you at the wonderful Richland Library!

FLA “Public Library Academy” – Pre-Conference, May 14th

John will be presenting this year’s Florida Library Association “Public Library Academy” Pre-conference on May 14th in Orlando at #FLA19. He will focus on coalitions and partnerships that go beyond programs to help you secure – or extend – funding for the library. This is a free 3-hour pre-conference but does require registration. See you at FLA!

Neat Stuff Libraries and Librarians Do

The Librarian

A fascinating sci-fi short story detailing the life of a futuristic librarian.

A robot-filled, architectural marvel in North Carolina is the library of the future

Overlooking Lake Raleigh on North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) campus is a gleaming, colossal structure. It’s a library, but quite unlike any you’ve probably ever seen before. Designed by Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, the $150 million James B. Hunt Jr. Library is an architectural marvel. It has the sleek look of an Apple store and is shaped a bit like an enormous, platinum stapler; its facade, shimmering in the late July sunshine, appears to be threaded together, a look inspired by a robust history of textile technology.

New York State Libraries Hoping To Influence The Public With Dedicated Going Green Initiatives

Public libraries practically invented the “re-use” concept. Now libraries are going even greener.Lindenhurst Memorial has earned bragging rights as Long Island’s first library to be certified by the Green Business Partnership. “Libraries share. That’s our basic philosophy,” director Lisa Kropp said.