Library News Rodeo 7/5/2019

Libraries matter more, not less, in a digital age.

Friday Thoughts:

Libraries matter more, not less, in a digital age.

Terrific public libraries play a more connected role in our communities today than in the past. We rely on libraries more than ever for a wider array of services. The availability of books and other materials in a wide range of formats, for anyone, whether they can pay or not, is an essential public service. The availability of safe public spaces is an essential resource in our democracy. Libraries preserve our historical, scientific and cultural record through their collections. They help people find jobs, gain new skills, and get ahead in life.

Campaign Updates

Don't let the county cut the Stillwater County Library's budget in MT

The Stillwater County Library in Montana is facing an 11% budget cut from last year, and almost an 18% cut from what was proposed. Please sign this petition and let the County Commissioners know that we need adequate funding!

Our county spans over 1800 square miles, with 5 distinct communities. The Library serves the entire population and the staff strives to reach each and every person. Facing budget cuts, we will no longer be able to do this.

Save Broadband and Homework Help in Alaska Libraries

Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy is making a terrible mistake by line item vetoing OWL – the Online With Libraries program from the 2020 state budget. If his veto stands, libraries all across Alaska will “go dark” and be forced to shut off broadband, wifi, and internet access. As you can imagine, in many places the Library is the only publicly available internet access. LiveHomework Help for tens of thousands of Alaska school children will end as well. Please contact your state legislators today – before July 12th – to override the OWL line-item veto and restore this vital funding.

Don't Defund the Twin Lakes Library System

The Baldwin County commissioners in Georgia are cutting 90% of funding for the Twin Lakes Library System, effective July 1. Additionally, the city and county have failed to reach a new agreement on shared services. Please join the Friends of the Mary Vinson Memorial Library to demand funding for our library.

Local Spotlight (Take action on these Fund Libraries Campaigns)

News and Trends

CILIP and EveryLibrary Institute launch a new digital hub to engage the public with the power, impact, and importance of properly funded library services

In an effort to raise awareness and make a meaningful, long-term impact on the future of library funding, CILIP and the EveryLibrary Institute today announce the launch of LibrariesDeliver, an advocacy campaign that connects people from across England in support of their libraries.

The core of the campaign is, a new GDPR-compliant advocacy website designed to activate and connect an extensive network of individuals and advocacy groups about library funding and use.

On, library supporters can sign up to become part of the campaign, pledge to support libraries, show their support for library funding, donate to support libraries, and become better organized and connected.