Library News Rodeo 7/31/19: Fund Libraries Edition

The very first campaign to be fully funded on the site met and exceeded its goal in just 7 days. We are humbled and honored by the support we have been able to bring to these libraries in need. has been live for just about 45 days and we have seen incredible support for campaigns housed on the platform.

The very first campaign to be fully funded on the site met and exceeded its goal in just 7 days. We are humbled and honored by the support we have been able to bring to these libraries in need. 

We are thrilled that libraries have come to us and our supporters to get the monetary support they need. Check out all of the campaigns we have running, below.

We hope you can find a campaign you love and support it so we can help them get the critical funding they need to continue to provide their community with educational tools and resources. 

Field Trip: Bringing Students to Authors

Funding Goal: $1,000     Funding Raised: $0

Description: Our school is in rural Tennessee and funding does not allow our small library to bring authors in for students. SEYA book fest is held each year in Murfreesboro TN which is an hour away but would give students in grades 8-12 a chance to meet authors, go to workshops to learn about the writing process and to discover other books of interest for them. The event is free but funds to cover travel and food for students is needed. The requested funds would get us a school bus, lunch and a book for 50 students.

Learn more:

SEYA Bookfest Home Page

Campaign End Date: 8/2/2019

Cynthia Graham Hurd Foundation 

Funding Goal: $10,000    Funding Raised: $110

Description:  A lifelong Charlestonian, Cynthia Graham Hurd was a self-proclaimed book nerd who grew up to share her love of books and a tireless desire to help others in her community. While an employee of Charleston County Public Library, Cynthia was one of nine people tragically shot June 17, 2015, while attending a bible study at Emanuel AME Church.

During her years at the library, Cynthia touched the lives of thousands of people – encouraging children during their earliest days as new readers and then watching them grow as they came to the library to work on homework assignments, then fill out applications for colleges and jobs and, ultimately, return to the library with children of their own.

The Cynthia Graham Hurd Foundation for Reading & Civic Engagement was established in her honor to spread her desire to engage the community through literacy. Donations will be used to provide after-school programs with books and back-to-school supplies for children. With your contribution, you will help extend Cynthia's passion for reading across generations and literary genres.

Learn More:

CGH Foundation Home Page

Campaign End Date: 8/15/2019

Calling All Learners! Strap on your VR Goggles and let’s go!

Funding Goal: $300    Funding Raised: $0

Description: The C.A Weis Elementary School needs just one phone to load the appropriate apps and slide into the headset. Most students do not have their own smartphones to use with the headsets, and having the apps preloaded on one phone ensures students are experiencing the designated apps. Using a personal phone has been very limiting. Calls and messages interrupt the experience for students and require the phone to be taken out, notifications cleared, and the phone reinserted in the headset.

With one phone connected to WiFi only, no calls or messages will suspend the experiences. 

Learn More:

Merge Virtual Reality in Schools

Campaign End Date: 8/21/19

Expanding Library and Digital Access in Manufactured Homes! 

Funding Goal: $2,000    Funding Raised: $0

Description: Libraries Without Borders, in partnership with Friends of the Anoka County Library, is working in Fridley, Minnesota to expand basic literacy and digital literacy programs within the Park Plaza Cooperative, a manufactured housing community. In partnership with both the Fridley branch of Friends of the Anoka County Library and the Park Plaza Cooperative, the program provides a hotspot connection, computers, and iPads (already pre-downloaded with educational and career-focused resources), books, arts and crafts activities, and furniture in the community’s storm shelter. 

Learn More:

Libraries Without Borders Home Page

Surfing while sudsing: Baltimore Wash & Learn Initiative equips laundromats with computers

Libraries Without Borders Work in Puerto Rico

Campaign End Date: 9/3/19

Help South African Mobile Village Libraries & Reading Clubs 

Funding Goal: $5,000    Funding Raised: $205

Description: To improve literacy in the poor villages, an innovative intervention outside of the school context is urgently needed. YOUPSA's Mobile Village Library and Reading Clubs program gives children the chance to read what they love. It provides a platform outside of school for young people to experience reading, learning, listening, researching and discussing. Children develop the skills required to navigate successfully through 21stcentury life.

A Mobile Village Library consists of a strong carrier bag containing 30+ beautiful and exciting books for all ages, plus a lending register. This book bag can be taken from village to village, from home to home. Children can gather together to read and form a Village Reading Club. An important aspect of the club is the focus on reading for enjoyment, allowing children to choose what they love to read.

Learn More:

YOUPSA Home Page

Campaign End Date: 8/18/2019

Every Kid Deserves Joy 

Funding Goal: $3,500     Funding Raised: $1,691


Urban Librarians Unite has been working with a residential facility for Unaccompanied Minors and Children Separated from their Families at the Border for the last year. With the help of their generous supporters they have placed hundreds of new age-appropriate books in both Spanish and English directly into the hands of kids who have experienced trauma and have very little to call their own.

They would like to be able to offer the kids other kinds of information and support. ULU would like to send them games, puzzles, and art supplies. Often these kids are bounced across the country as they are moved from one agency to another. We would like to get them some bags to carry books, crayons, activity books, and other comforts as they are bussed from place to place and acclimate to a new temporary “home”.

These materials will be purchased at a discount through First Book and other deep discount vendors to make every penny count and go directly to these kids in need of support.

Learn More:

Support Unaccompanied Minors With ULU

Campaign End Date: 8/5/2019

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